Culinarian Drip Trays... removable?

gbsim1November 17, 2012

My 48" CC has moved from the garage to the house but is still waiting to be installed. :(

While stripping the doors and grates to reduce weight, I tried to remove the drip trays (the ones with the handles) to no avail.

The literature calls them full extension and removable, but mine only pull out halfway and I can't figure out a way to get the mechanism out.... only the two individual pans within the tray.

Do your cc drip trays pull out full extension and can you remove them?


Apologies in advance if this double posts. Either I didn't post after preview or there was a glitch.

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I have a CC and what you are describing sounds about right. Mine glide out about 3/4. I think the "removeable" part from the literature is referring to the pans themselves and not the whole system.

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Thanks Jscout.

I don't understand why they'd call them full extension though mine barely go 1/2 way.... just far enough to get the front pan out and then slide the other forward.

Can't wait to get it hooked up but I've got a feeling that's still a week or more away.

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The drip trays threw me for a while also. I couldn't figure how the little trays actually were removable instead of the whole darn thing.

Good luck with the final install. Don't hesitate to call Bob at Capital if your simmering needs adjustment. After a couple of adjustments and the regulator installation, my rangetop simmers well finally. Turkey stock is quietly bubbling away as I type, which wouldn't have been possible several months ago.

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