need a poem pretty please....

jaybirdMarch 16, 2010

I am packaging pots of impatiens for my boss to give away. She wants to put a little line about thanking people for their patience, but wants it to make note of the name of the flowers....

Clear as mud????

Any help will be hugely appreciated!!!


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Good luck. I'm stumped! Maybe look for other names for impatiens too as a take off point. I don't remember what they are. Also the thesaurus for other words for patience, you could say the flower was that word instead and then correct yourself. I'm also clear as mud.


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Here's a little Spring gift
for your consideration
It's just my way of saying
Thank you for your (im)patiens~

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Thank you much for the inspiration!! We did get the project finished...oh my!
Again my thanks for your time.

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Roses are red
Violets are purple
Thanks for your patience
That you have shown
Add here some water and tender caring
This is the best impantience to be grown!!!

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