Maytag Dishwasher Won't Start

steve777November 16, 2008

Our 1.5 year old Quiet Series Maytag Dishwasher stopped working (just 6 mos past guarantee).

The symptoms are that a couple of the panel lights no longer work, and it won't respond to the start button. I've done some basic work (it is not the door latch), nor contacts going to the control board.

Most likely it is either the front panel switch, or the control board itself. Unfortunately the cost of having someone come out and replace either of these is almost as much as a new dishwasher. I could do it myself, if I could figure out how to diagnose which it is. Unfortunately Maytag won't sell you a repair manual, nor give out info on how to put the controller into diagnosis mode.

Anyone know of how one can get the dishwasher to diagnose itself? Or alternatively suggestions for a well made and functioning mid to low price dishwasher?

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What model specifically is it?

You don't find a tech sheet somewhere, inside the control panel, inside the door panel, or behind the toe kick?

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are any of the lights flashing? this might indicated a computer/sensor issue.

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What with the cost of just a service call (before parts), I've found that it's often cheaper to just guess & buy the parts & install them myself. I've had good luck finding parts on eBay at considerably less cost than even the on-line discount parts sites.

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Stat by checking the power outlet to see if it has power and go from there. But it sounds like the board has fried itself

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Thanks for the suggestions. Found a sheet behind the kick plate that detailed how to put the unit into self test mode and how to check the touch panel switches (and other things). I'm surprised that the Maytag help line would not even tell me about that.

Could not put the unit into self test, but that requires the start button which is not working. I did check out the touch panel and indeed the start button was not working.

Have a new touch panel on order, hopefully will get here before Thanksgiving.

Before I found this paper on the dishwasher, I did some research into possible replacements. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the Maytag seemed to be the best one out there. Fewest complaints (although there were some), and it was far better in terms of loading options and how well it cleaned.

We will see if this new touch panel works better than the original one.

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my dishwasher is doing the EXACT same thing. the lights (numerical) don't work and it's not responding to the start button at all but all the other functions will allow me to push and change them......what did you find out? where did you order the part?? and how much was it??? and did it fix the problem???????? please help!!

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