computer automatically turns on when plugged in

VinhDecember 3, 2011

i have a netbook, and on occasions, when i plug the computer into an outlet, it automatically turns on without my having to push the power button.

the computer then enters a screen asking me if i want to enter setup or load default, and after i select 'load default,' the windows 7 system loads and every is 'normal' except for the fact that the date/time has not changed since i last turned the computer off.

i've scanned for viruses & spyware, and there's nothing.

does any one know why the computer does this at times?


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How new is this computer?
What happens if you leave it plugged into the electric outlet and shut the computer down?

It almost seems as though the computer is reloading factory settings then trying to update all the security patches. On my Windows 7 Professional I have had 102 updates installed to date.

Click Control panel
click System and security
click View installed updates to check how many you have. Remember your version may be slightly different than mine but the numbers should be similar

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Would think Date/Time would only stop if dead or loose bios/cmos battery, or a bios update had loaded or attempted to.

On startup if connected to internet, date/time usually should sync & correct itself.

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I'm thinking it needs a new CMOS battery, as this can cause the problems you are describing. If that doesn't fix it, you might also have a defective power button that is intermittently in the on position. Below is a link that shows what's involved in a typical battery replacement.

Here is a link that might be useful: Replace CMOS battery

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