Laminator questions

leaveswaveMarch 13, 2009

Have been doing a bit of research and would like to include feedback from experienced users.

Is Xyron the best (or only) manufacturer for the hobbyist market?

What's the difference between the 850 and 900, besides price?

Have you used the feature to make magnets? How did it work?

My immediate need in getting one would be to laminate paper that would be used many times by people attending my workshops--is the quality high enough with these machines that they would stand up well to this use?

Thanks for sharing your information!

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Have you considered plastic sheet protectors? You can buy them in large quantities. I use a Daisy Seal-a-meal to seal them up. My seal-a-meal cost me $3.00 at a resale. I see them often.

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I don't think sheet protectors would stand up to the use I described. I need enough stiffness so the paper doesn't get inadvertently creased. I also want something that's a little more "finished" or "professional" looking, so to speak, since I will be using some of these items in workshops that I charge people for.

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I see the office supply stores also carry laminators. Some are way too spendy, but I wonder how some of the more inexpensive ones (under about $250) compare with the Xyron ones...

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Big lots had laminators a while back. I'd check the discount stores first.

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I'm more interested in the differences between models and the quality of the output, than the price.

Do most people that hang out here hold cost as their top priority? Perhaps there is a more suitable place for me to post my request...?

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I have a cold & hot Duck brand Electric Laminating machine and I just love it! I even bought my Mother one & she went crazy over it. I got them at Wal-Mart a few years ago for $25 and some laminating sheets, also by Duck. It is very easy to use & they hold up for a VERY long time!!! It is big enough to laminate a whole sheet of paper, 8 1/2" x 11". We have even laminated important papers. We use the HOT laminating sheets for the best results!!! When we were kids my Mother used to press our projects between 2 pieces of clear contact paper, so she knew exactly what to do with this neat little machine!! We have even laminated pre-pressed 4 leaf clovers & flowers in it before! I use the 4" Zyron adhesive rolls but never bought the machine because I couldn't afford it. It works fine for me without the machine! I have never tried their laminating rolls but their machine doesn't use heat! I sure hope you can find a Duck machine!!! Good luck!
Try calling 1-800-321-0253 or

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Here's what Xyron customer service sent me about the differences between the 850 and 900:

"The 900 model is a craft item you can find the machine and cartridges at your local craft store. The 850 model this has an office look you can find the cartridges online only thru our web page or a Dealer online cartridges are longer for this model."

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