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chas045December 2, 2012

I am attempting to help a friend improve her computer skills, and most specifically her email abilities. I have not seen her computer and had been helping her by phone only. Twenty to thirty years ago, I was at the top of my game on Macs, but my skills have atrophied, first by switching to PCs in offices with tech support and second with the passage of time so that now my competence is low with Macs or Win7 and win8. However, my friend is totally clueless so it is like the guy without glasses leading the blind.

I have been running Win7 for a year and am far less proficient than with winXP. Anyway, I am using win live mail and Outlook for mail programs. My friend doesn't seem to be using an email program but is only going online using Yahoo mail. She keeps failing to keep her account open long enough to send mail reliably. I am assuming life would be easier for her if she had a useable email program.

I believe that she may have a netbook of some kind and it is probably running on win7. I may see her computer in a day or two and would like suggestions on an approach. Perhaps she has a package on her computer with an email program somewhere. If not, is there an obvious common program she should download. Do they talk one through setting POP3 etc? When she is home, her computer is connected via satelite. Is that an issue? I don't know why she is having problems keeping her emails open, but it may simply be the serious computer blindness I mentioned above.

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I use Mozilla Thunderbird. It is very easy to set up. Put in your email address and it will find the settings it needs.

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Yahoo is simply a web page based email. It probably would stay open forever if she never shuts down her computer.

Perhaps you should have her go to

Or maybe you might want to open a new yahoo email account and simple give her the address to go to.. and her username and password to login with.

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If she wants a desktop program, it will depend on the operating system she has. If XP, then she can use Outlook Express and configure her Yahoo, Gmail, or whatever to download into that without going to the web site. If she has Windows 7, MS has a program called Windows Live Mail which she must install on her computer. Again, her mail can be configured to download to her desktop program. And there's Thunderbird which has been mentioned.

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