Shades of pink

oddieMarch 6, 2009

guess I am on a wreath makeing kick, had all these pretty flowers to do something with, now I am haveing problems with the ribbon, cant find much to begine with, not sure to keep looking for a shade of pink to match or go with something white maybe sheer, open to ideas! and do you think the light pink roses are okay,I am never sure of colors anymore.

Thanks for looking


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Oddie, this is just so beautiful.. you do such awesome work.. I love all your wreaths.. they are so pretty. some of your roses look like they have rain drops on them... and they look like they are sparkling..
so nice.. I think a small white sheer ribbion would look good and not take away from you flowers..

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Wow! I'd like that one for myself! Love pinks! I wonder if you even need a ribbon? Or maybe just make some smaller bows, 3 or 4, and put them "here and there" in the wreath.It's so pretty just the way it is.

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Absolutely beautiful!

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I would use some sheer. That is so awesome. Thanks oddie

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Oddie who needs a bow with a wreath so beautiful as that?

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A sheer white would do it if you want to add a bow but looks lovely already! Don't know which pink roses you wonder about but I like them all! Jan

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Thank you! I knew you all would help me, I never knew there was so many shades of pink, till I was looking for ribbon, the lighest pink roses are the ones Iam not sure about,you can see them around the middle.
should have asked when I posted, but I am wanting to add a tea light the kind with batteries, do I need somekind of cup for it or do you think it would be okay to just glue the light on, my idea is to put this on my mothers grave with the candle lite burnning, till the batteries burn out, have a few more wreaths to make for graves, just getting a early start so for once I might be ready!
Thanks for all your kind words.

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Oddie, I was to put a candel in there it would be in the 3 light pink in the center. I would just seat them down in the rose. I have done that.
You have gave me a wonderful Ideal. I have all kinds of pieces of flowers. I also need to do one for my Son and my father. I have the 4 night lights on each corner of my son's grave. Let me see if I can find a picture what I did to his grave.

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Gorgeous wreath Oddie, love all those pretty pink roses.

Granny, so sorry about your son, you've made his grave look very special.


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Thank you, how have you been luvs? I posted on your tray you made,so very beautiful, need to get back over and look at all the new pretty's in the painting fourm.
Thanks for the photo grannyicu,your sons grave is so beautiful! could not imagine what it would be like to lose a child, my heart goes out to you!
the cross would be so easy to make with left over flowers,
in my area we are only allowed to put decorations on the graves, sister asked about a lite and they said no, to much for them to mow around, so will have to stick to useing the tea lite, still working on adding the lite and bow, have a few more wreaths to make.

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Once again you all have help all of us.. I love Oddie's wreath and now Iam thinking in terms of lights for my grandson's grave.. I am thinking a cross would be neat and I have all kinds of flowers at home I can use.. but will need to hunt down a light.. I have two china bunnies I plan on putting on his grave, but I want to place flowers also.. Thanks granny for showing my son's grave site.. such a nice job.. my grandson is in the childrens area and all babies there.. so we all try to do something for the babies that have no one to come and put items on their grave site for what ever reason.. my granson's twin brother always helps me.. Thanks for sharing with us.. Oddie and Granny

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Luvs, Huggie, Oddie, my son is grave is at an old indian cematary. We can put what ever we want on there grave. He is buried by his grandmother and grandfather. And his dad and step mom will be beside of him and so will my daughter. I am going to have a bench made fro the end of the grave so we can seat and talk. I will go back next month and clean it up and put fresh flowers and get it ready for the summer. I will also make a wreath with tea lights. I will take apicture when I get it made. Thanks oddie for the ideal. Oh thanks ladies for all of your thoughts on my son's grave. jan

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