This Forum is So Sloooooow

jbkiddMarch 10, 2007

My gosh this forum is so slow, does anyone have any new ideas or are most people just fed up with crafting like me.

I would love to get into crafting again, but just haven't found anything new to do. I am tired of the same "old" stuff to craft.

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It is active over at the Holiday forum. People are posting their different tablescapes etc over there

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas & Holiday Forum - GardenWeb

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Hi JB, seems like most of us are just not very motivated since Christmas. I know I am still wanting to make something or paint something but I keep procrastinating!

Unfortunately, unless you buy in bulk and are going to make allot of something, by the time you buy all the materials to make something now, you could probably just buy something already made!

I keep wandering into my craft room looking at supplies and items I already have trying to get motivated to use some of it up. Not sure why I am allowing it to take up storage space (which I have so little of anyway) if I am not going to use it.

Have you checked out all the product sites online for ideas? I just checked Plaidonline this morning and found out that Modpodge now has one for outdoor use. That sparked my interest--could decoupage something on slates, rocks, metal, etc. to use on the patio or out in the yard now!

Hope someone on here can suggest something that will inspire you again.


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I know this is slow - I wish it was hoppin ! Most of my posts are about stained glass & mosaics - seems that forum is taking off ! I still wish this forum would liven up ... I bet there is alot of lurkers that would post if this was busy.

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Gosh I thought this fourm was busy! doesnt seem any slower then others I read.
Happy Crafting

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I agree with you "luvstocraft", by the time you buy all the materials it is sometimes cheaper to buy ready made.

Once upon a time I loved to knit mitts but people don't wear knitted mitts anymore. Would also knit "dog sweaters" to sell but you can buy much nicer ones in the stores now too.

All the Xmas ornaments I used to make, now just go to the dollar store, I can't sell them for a $1.00 can you??

I really think people have run out of ideas, I know I have. Also I like to make things that are useful, not something that people are just going to toss in a drawer and forget about. There are so many crafts that are just "junky" and even though people will say "isn't that just wonderful", I am sure they are thinking in the back of their minds "don't give it to me".

Just my opinion.

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I love to make Christmas ornaments, but am pretty uninspired this time of year. I'm focusing on working on my house and planting things in my garden. I went into some of thse home and garden stores like Hobby Lobby and Garden Ridge recently. I've been so disappointed because of all the mass produced "made in China" junk I've found. The garden junk forum has a lot of inspiring ideas for the outdoor crafts. Since a lot of it is 'recycled' junk, there is a lot of fun in the hunt or creativity of what can I do with this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Junk Forum

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I'm working on stuff, I just don't tend to post here anymore. I really wish we could turn back time and skip that whole "pay to post" time because that's what was the downfall of this forum! Those were the days! :(

I tend to post on boards I belong to that have to do with Primitive and Rustic decorating right now because that's what I decorate in and what I'm most interested in.

I made a rag quilt two weeks ago. Last week I spent most of my time sewing up yo-yo's for that quilt. I stained my rocker and this small chest we bought about a month ago that was unfinished. I'm working on painting small shelves and other items in the kitchen to brighten it up. I also decided to distress my kitchen cabinets on Friday night and went to town. I bought paint to paint the wainscot in the living room. I'm actually really busy, I just don't tell anyone I guess! LOL

In a few weeks when it warms up, I'll be around the Garden Junk forum, too. I tend to visit there in the warmer months and here in the colder because I'm stuck in the house!

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I just finished a small project to store my paper coffee filters in. I took the box the filters come in, cut the top off, then decoupaged small pieces of crinkled up brown paper bag all over the box to cover. After it is dry wipe on a dark walnut stain and wipe off leaving it only on the edges of the paper bag pieces. Paint the inside of the box black. Next glue on a dark brown colored paper along the top edge, then paint on one more coat of decoupage over the whole thing and let dry. It looks just like a leather box.

I'm think of buying a clear plastic canister, and doing the same thing to the lid, to store my coffee grounds in.

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iamchewy, that sounds interesting :)

My coffee filter holder isn't as interesting! LOL My MIL gave me this set of small enamel pans w/ lids that I had no use for. I took them and sprayed them all navy blue and splattered white on them so they look like splatterware. I used the small one holds an ivy in my bathroom, the large one is on the porch for plants in the summer and the medium one holds my coffee filters :) I'm thinking about repainting it so it's white with red trim because I collect red and white enamelware :)

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I'm working on some things but I just don't want to post them until they're done and I feel comfortable with them.

Call it pre-crafting neurosis. :-)


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Iamchewy, that was a good project. Love ideas for making things out of things that would otherwise just get thrown away. I just found out that Modpodge now comes in an outdoor formula! I want to get some to try it out--could make easy yard signs, put cutouts on rocks, etc. Even though I paint, sometimes I like a variation--especially if I have a card or napkin with a really cute design on it!

Jenn, we will be looking forward to your things. Love seeing what everyone makes.

Sweets and Adella, I love doing the GJ things too. I have three BB and a fan blade to get fixed up for the yard. I loved making the glass totems--think I enjoyed hunting for the right glass pieces as much as seeing the finished product. I've got about 13 in my yard and gave one to my neighbor already too, so not much need to make more of them! I'm thinking of making some small ones for inside the house--thought they would be pretty in an arrangement in front of the window where the glass would hit them.

Happy crafting!


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I didn't know Modpodge came in an outdoor formula. I can't wait to get to the store to pick some up. I would love to make some garden signs, and bird baths, also just think what you can do to the mail box or bird houses and even the posts they sit on. Oh, and how about a garden chair. Thank you so much for the information.

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Yes, thanks, Luvs-- this is great news, ModPodge-wise. I know a few other decoupagers, too, who will be thrilled.


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Here, take a look at this website--it's the one with the blue label about halfway down the page. Luvs

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I didn't know they had so many different types of Modpodge. I can't wait to try them out, Thank you for the web site.

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I was a member here wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when, before the pay to post started. Believe me this place was hopping. You couldn't hardly keep up with the posts. I decided to come back to check out this site the other night and was very pleased to see they had gone back to being a non-paying site. But it does appear that things are really slow here. Too bad we aren't able to get the word out to some of the previous members to come back.

Maybe things will pick up come the fall. In the meanwhile I have a lot of catching up to do. I haven't been around since they started the pay to post...and that's a long time ago now. When did they change back to it being free????

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I'm not sure when it changed back. I haven't been on here a year yet. Several of us are fairly new I think. Maybe one of the other members can let you know the date it changed back.

But, hey, welcome back, Effiemay! Glad you decided to check here.

Allot of people are busy with outside chores in their yards and gardens and on vacation this time of year. I imagine things will pick up allot when Fall arrives again. In the meantime, there should be lots of posts for you to read and catch up on.

Are you still crafting? We would love to see some of your projects. We all love pics!

And some of us hang out on the other forums here too, like Tole & Decorative Painting, Holidays, Garden Junk and Trash to Treasure. Be sure to check those out too--lots of neat things going on. Holidays got pretty slow between holidays, so some of us started learning to do tablescapes to fill in the lull. It's been allot of fun, so feel free to join in anytime.


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Effiemay, Welcome Back to the forum. I joined in on the fun last summer and just love it. Yeah, sometimes it's slow but it's still a great forum with great people participating in it. Hope to see you more in here and hope you'll throw in a few pics of your crafts and decorations when you can.


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I think the forum changed when it went from free for the GW to pay and we lost a lot of posters. then it became free again and they never came back I guess.

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As one who faded off a bit for a few weeks, it likely is outdoor projects and, in my case, also just work obligations. It's so hard to balance indoors, outdoors AND work... There are lots of great ideas-- now if only I could clone myself and really get some stuff done! :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/decorating blog

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You make wonderful things Jenn, and I know how it is to have lots you want to do--but more you HAVE to do first! LOL

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Hi all, I have a question, and can't think of a better place to ask it. I want to decopage a picture of me & DH for our granddaughter, on a small wooden box. DH seems to think I may not be able to use Mod-Podge on an ink-jet, digital picture. Does a sealer of some sort, need to be applied first?


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