What kind of glue will glue styrofoam ?

toomuchglassMarch 8, 2005

Styrofoam to styrofoam ? It doesn't have to be permanent - just so it hold layers of it together while I'm working on it. Tacky glue ? E-6000 ? It's been so long since I worked with the Sfoam - I can't remember !

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:) spray adhesive seems to work just fine for me.

works on styro and the pink insullation foam as well.

spray both sides, and slap together.

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Great ! I Have a can of it that I never used yet !!!
Thanks !!

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Try this site


It's a site about glueing.

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hi , first time posting here , I spend as much time with this stuff as anything i will be here more often.
I actually glue foam for a living sort of we use white styro. blocks and wedges and back pads for lg. crates to pack windshields in .and I have tryed for yrs. to think of anything I could do with it at home .and hot glue is what is best the tacky spray works also but you need to watch it because some glues just melt styro. anythin solvent based, the glue machine was broke once and I used liquid nails oppps ate right through it while it was supporting a few 100 lbs of glass .
but a good shot of hot glue and stick 2 pcs togetherwait a few and your done . I know places that are in every metro area coast to coast that are probably overflowing in material like this and all you would have to do is ask .

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WOW--and here I Have to go BUY my styrofoam. :-( And it's not cheap either !!!!

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Speaking of styrofoam, have you noticed the cute things they have been making out of styrofoam, decorative paper, silk flowers and reindeer moss? In the new issue of Country Marketplace and Crafts'n Things magazine there are some cute things to make. Sorry I got off the subject of glue.

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If you're just looking for a temporary hold, why not use toothpicks? They work just fine.

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Just checked my craft closet and I have a small jar of Aleene' Foamtasic --foam glue.. It says it is ideal for foam and foam projects. BUT Guess you could go to Aleene's web site.

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Straight from the Source at Dow Chemical, manufacturer of Styrofoam(tm)

White Glue....

For this and other craft tips for foam:


Here is a link that might be useful: Dow Chemical, manufacturer of Styrofoam(tm)

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What kind of glue will glue styrofoam to exterior plywood? Should be cheep, easy applied to the surface by painting roller, and weather resistant.
Thank you.

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have you guys heard of elfi? or samadbond? they work pretty well

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My name is James, I do Fiberglass Fabrication. The plug molds we use are made from Styrofoam, which are cast in fiberglass for a master mold. The foam needs to be glued and glued securely for it will be cut by hand or on a CNC machine.

The only adhesion that works and is permanent is:
âÂÂGlidden Gripperâ itâÂÂs a white paint primer!

This bonds the panels together so strong, it can not be taken apart. Makes a toolâÂÂable & sandâÂÂable adhesion.
No melting

This is the only foam glue needed for any application, unless you need it to come apart

Not so good is âÂÂGreat Stuffâ if you need a foam bead around the outside of your work, but messy and not cost effective , it has an short open shelf life

I have been working with foam boards, pour foam, closed cel foam for some time

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