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satine_gwDecember 22, 2013

Hi-Im usually at the kitchen table but need some help from the experts here. I have a yahoo mail account and cannot access as I apparently forgot my password and even though I have answered the security questions I keep getting the stupid "code" window. I type in the code shown and am sent back to log in. This just keeps happening and I guess now Im locked out. I hate to think about setting up a new email account. Is there any other way to go? I did stumble onto an online form to report the problem but it states that they will email me a response. Uh, I don't think that will work. Thanks in advance. Satine

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You could set up a g mail account, it only takes a minute or so. Perhaps yahoo could send the password there for you

Here is a link that might be useful: G Mail

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You should only be locked out for a short period (15 minutes perhaps) and if you try again you can click to change those stupid code letters if the ones you see are hard to read. And many are sadly, been in that predicament myself.

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Thanks for the responses. I tried all the tricks-trying to set a new password, answering security questions and entering the stupid codes but each time it just sent me back to the log in page. I finally did find a number for Yahoo but they are in a different time zone and I have been out all day and havent been able to call back. I will try tomorrow morning. I hate the idea of having to set up a new account but Im really tired of Yahoo mail. Thanks again.

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It's a good idea to write down passwords. Hopefully you'll be able to reach Yahoo and get your old address restored.

Most people have far too many passwords, user names, etc to remember. I don't try, i gave up a long time ago, my handy reference text file never fails me. I have copy on all my PCs and my smartphone.

Good luck

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Yahoo was playing with formats and things this morning. I could log-in but then kicked off immediately with a time-out message. OK now. Perhaps OP got tangled in on of these updates. Suggest trying again.

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