Do they still make metal coffee cans?

fiddledddMarch 13, 2011

I need metal coffee cans or something very similar (the larger size if possible). I can't find them in the grocery because everything is now plastic. Do you know where I could find something metal that can be sealed well? When we go camping we make homemade ice cream in the cans by rolling them back and forth.....a fantastic family activity. I thought of paint cans, but I'm not sure how well they seal, and I also wonder if they're food safe. I'd rather find something that has had food in it if possible. Thanks for your help!

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There are plenty of metal coffee cans still out there. Yuban for one still uses metal cans and so do store brand coffees. I grind my own beans but my DH is always coming home with ground coffee...all in metal cans. sigh

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The larger sized food cans could work as well for the ice cream huge cans of beans Corn etc.

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I still see some metal cans in the grocery store. Why wouldn't the plastic ones work to make icecream?

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Peanuts come in cans with lids....Harry and David and Costco.

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I believe Choc' Full o' Nuts Coffee comes in a metal can. It's the yellow one with brown text

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you must not get out much, or maybe are rich enuff to get someone else to do your food shopping? ;)
lots of coffee still in cans. Most of the foreign expresso spanish and italian coffees, as mentioned above,Goya,Cafe Bustelo, Medaglio D'Oro

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I used to make homemade english muffins in 1 # folgers coffee cans ( 1970's ) ; I would love to do this again but I can't find metal coffee cans . It took 3 of them and you cut the bottoms out to push the bread through .

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