Kid's craft- thanks to my daughter

mjowestMarch 29, 2009

I don't know what to call them, but I hope it hasn't been discussed recently!

She suggested to take an empty water bottle, fill it with rice or sand- we need to try both, and put inside all sorts of little things. Penny, game pieces, bolts, old jewelry, you name it.

Then it becomes a good car toy- the kids turn the bottle and try to find all of the items, which we've written on a seperate card.

These toys cost a fortune in the stores!


thanks to DD, age 9.

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It has been discussed before but not recently at all so thanks for bringing it up again. Here is a previous thread which can give you some tips.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hidden Treasure Bottle

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Yes, we kept a list of things we put in the bottles. An artifical finger nail was one thing and pieces from an old Monolopy game and other games yielded some items. Next time I will make a "check" list so the kids can check off the things they find. Then they can tell if they have found everything.Or make a hang tag to tie around the top of the bottle. We filled ours with very fine sand. You might want to glue the cap on the bottle so they can't open them or they will open them and spill everything.

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