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acraftyladyDecember 19, 2012

Well I googled and am confused and don't know where to start so need step by step instructions so a link would be nice. I now have 2 computers with windows 7 so it should be easy to access the desktop from each one right? I had vista on one before and 7 on the other so I thought I was told that would not work well so never tried to set it up.

Desktop computer is always on downstairs and on the rare occasion I use the laptop now in bed I want the laptop to see the desktop mainly to be able to put a file on it or access a file from it so not sure if that's networking or something else.

My desktop has a 802.11 Wireless b/g/n PCI-E Mini card. Can someone tell me what does wireless on the card do or what is it capable of? Mary

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See link, that should help you.

Here is a link that might be useful: sweet-homegroup-networking-the-easy-way

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Ok that was the first link I came across but wasn't sure if that's what I needed to do so will play around. I have a motorolla surfboard modem that is not wireless but I have one of the linksy blue and black box things hooked to it to make wireless so I can surf from bed and my printer is wireless and laptop works nice with it to send stuff down to print. Mary

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How is it going? Are you getting anywhere?


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I had bowling league early this morning so as soon as I get home from some errands gonna give it a go. The way I bowled today would have been better off staying home and working on this. Mary

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Ha, thanks. Didn't get home until after 3 and cooking. By the way it looks if we get the winter storm here in Buffalo I will be in tomorrow to play.

The way I bowled today you would not know I carry a 150 average and have bowled a 289 in my life. Chocked in the 10th for the 300. It was our non sanctioned couples league anyway so would not have gotten a ring from the USBC but hubby had a nice shirt made for me.

I hold the family high. My 21yr old son only has a high of 279 when he was on youth bowling and hubby has never come that close. I told hubby I want it acknowledged on my grave stone when I die, he he. Mary

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Can't get this to work, sure it's all user error. This is my home computer and I have an older motorolla surfboard modem and I use it with a wireless g-2.4ghz linksys boradband router so it should still work with that set up right?

Laptop is a few years old and a while ago I noticed when I go into devices and printers there is the yellow exclamation by where it says Mary's computer. I think I had asked here and was told I could just leave it. When you click trouble shoot it says there is a problem with the driver for microsoft teredo tunneling adapter and reinstalling the adapter may help. I click apply this fix and it says the driver for my printer is not installed. I click apply this fix and it's seasrching for the driver and it comes up device driver software was not successfully installed.

My HP office jet is wireless and on the laptop when I set it up I had it just find the printer via wireless and it did and my laptop prints wireless so I do not have the full HP printer program on the laptop so don't know if that matters but the teredo error comes up when trying to join the homegroup.

On the desktop I went into homegroups and printed the password. Then on the laptop I went into homegroups and it says windows detected another home group and there is the yellow exclamation in front of that message and I click join now and input the passowrd and I get this message.

Your network connection must have IPv6 enabled to join a home group. To enable IPv6 start the trouble shooter.

So I click to start the trouble shooter and it reccomends to start with the network adapter so I click to check that and get your machine administrator has disabled teredo locally. Then it goes on to say your home group requires IPv6 and enabling that might solve the problem and I can enable IPv6 for the network adapter by by opening network connections in the control panel and to right click the adapter and click properties so I click the link to do that and get this screen, now what? Mary

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Drop your bowling ball on the computer?

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Ok didn't have to drop a bowling ball on it. Used the fix it tool I found and that worked to enable the version 6 but can I actually see and access the other desktop this way? Have to go to dinner so will finish later. Mary

Here is a link that might be useful: fix it tool

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