Easter bunny towel?

shaddy101March 6, 2007

Found a link for a picture of a bunny towel, decorated, and folded over the towel bar in the bath.

Have the picture, but no address at bottom of page where to find again, and I would love to be able to send the photo along to someone else. Would someone know where I can find this link to send along, and further, does anyone have any instructions for this?

Thanks oodles, this is coming down to the wire.

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not a bath towel, but here is on using a hand towel.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: dish towel bunny

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tnflower, I am not the one who asked, but thanks for that link. It is very cute and I think I will look for some appropriate towels to make a few.

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Shaddy you probably found it at Craft sayings try looking there.

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If you have the picture, RIGHT CLICK on the picture and select EMAIL PICTURE->Make My Picture Smaller->then an email window will pop up and you can add the address and messages as you normally do for sending out email!

Let me know if this helps, or we can try something else.

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