Bleach bottle bunny? Do you remember how to make one?

jannashomeMarch 24, 2009

When I was small, my mom made easter baskets out of bleach bottles. I dont think they were cut, except for a hole in the back. I almost think they had some kind of colored plastic bag glued to them. I remember them being fluffy, like when you take a square of crepe paper and pinch it and fluff it, and glue in on something like a parade float? I would ask my mom but she is not here anymore, and I thought this would be fun to do with my own grandkids. If anyone has the same memory, please let me know!!! Thanks ,


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Here is a link that might be useful: Bleach Bottle Bunny

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Those are so cute please post some photos if you make them!!

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those are very cute, but the ones I remember, were not cut out, and they had "fluffy" stuff glued all over, I think the hole for the eggs was cut out below the handle, and it seems like it was colored plastic bags cut up and formed like crepe paper how you cut in square, formed around the eraser on a pencil, dip in glue and stick on somehow, or poked in holes? I will keep looking, and you guys ask your moms or grandmas if they remember!!! Thanks so much

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oh my goodness, you've got me remembering Brownies and Girl Scouts. We used to make Easter baskets, but we cut the bottom out, leaving the sides about 6" high. Then we'd cut another strip off for the handle, and use brads to attach it. And this also has me remembering bleach came in aqua colored plastic bottles,too :D
These baskets are so much cuter with the bunny cut out with it!

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I remember this bunny. This was made with colored plastic squares. They were beautiful. I think you have the right idea about the square. I would do the plastic that way. Buy a pre-made bunny face, felt inside the cutout belly. I would then use the felt fore the ears and also inside the bunny. You could also put felt on the handle. A soft pom-pom for the tail. I am going to go ahead and try this and see if it is at least comparable. Good Luck !

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