Latest creation..yo-yo table runner

sweets98March 17, 2007

This is what I have worked on this week. I wanted a change from my dark rag quilt runner and so I started this. I wanted something bright and simple for spring and summer.

I thought it would go faster than it did because I started out making such large yo-yo's for the center but it still took a lot of work and more fabric than I expected. I JUST had enough!

I just got the collander antique shopping a week ago and I was trying to find the perfect place for it for now and I guess the center of the table is good enough. :)

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Oh I wish I could see it close up!! I love Yo Yo's. It does look beautiful.


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Your table runner is beautiful Sweets and I love that colander, fantatic color. My sis took a colander and filled it with deer moss, separated the moss in the middle a bit and inserted a faux flower plant. P.S. Love your dining area table and benchs.


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Beautiful!I have never seen a table runner made from yo yos, very clever idea, bet you will be makeing them for all the holidays, the colander is the perfect touch!
Happy Crafting

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I took a picture of it from above yesterday. I guess I just never got around to posting it here..

Sal, thanks for the compliments. The first time I walked into my FIL and step-MIL's house I saw their table and knew I found the table I would just die to have! About a year later, Ames had them on sale for $188. DH and I put it on layaway and got it a few months later, right before all the Ames stores shut down. This poor table looked like H#LL until New Years. It was pine and had a crappy finish and it just showed everything and didn't look clean. I refinished it two days before New Years..not the best idea..but I LOVE it now. I was covering it all up with a table cloth for so long that it's nice to get to enjoy the table with just a runner!

oddie, I actually saw an all white yo-yo runner with a crocheted edge in The Country House catalog about 3 years ago. I saved that catalog to show my Gram because I knew she had been working on a bag of yo-yo's for some time but we never saw what these things looked like assembled! About a year later, I started making my own. I have wanted to make that runner for the longest time but I either was doing something else or didn't have enough fabric. This isn't exactly like that one but it was my attempt at my own. I don't like following patterns at all. I go with whatever I want to do!

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Your yo yo table runner turned out beautiful! I love your table and benches too. I just might have to try the runner in colored yo yos to match our decor. :o)

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The lighter color really gives it a unique quality, and it works so well for this time of year.

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It is realy lovely thanks for sharing

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Where do i find patterns for yo yo crafts. I have a bunch of yo yo's made up.

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It's been 5 years since I posted this so I was a little surprised when I got a message in my email about this post! lol I haven't posted here in YEARS...

Try looking around ebay or etsy or other sites for yo-yo crafts....Search on Google images for more ideas.. I mostly just came up with stuff off the top of my head and occasionally used others ideas for inspiration.


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