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oddieMarch 1, 2007

as you know I have been playing with melting plastic beads, I made another key chain with the red one. I like the blue one the best, took some work to get it nice, do you think it would look good on a choker? or as a bracelet? looking for ideas as to what else I can do with them, sorry the photo is scaned and not very good.

Happy Crafting


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I think they are wonderful. I think you should submit them to a craft magazine as soon as possible and get due credit for this idea!!

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These are adorable!! Great job!!!


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Thanks, glad you liked them, melting plastic beads as a form of art is not my original idea, I read about it on a form quite awhile ago, I think they used medicine bottles and melted the beads in them, not sure what they did with them. I just did my own thing with the idea.
still looking for ideas as to what else I can use them for.
Happy Crafting

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They are nice :)

I think you read that idea here or at least I remember seeing it, too. Someone posted it as an "older" craft I believe.

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Those are so nice. They would look great as chokers or pins. If you make them as pins, you could add beads to them dangling down, kinda like you did with your key chain. How about a matching set of choker and braclet with a pin!?!
The bottle caps you used, are they un-used caps or did you save them from your favorite beverage and re-use them. If they are re-used, did you smash them down? I have some I have saved and not quite sure if I should smash them or leave them the way they are.


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Thank you! sweet98 and grimmy, glad you liked them, wish I could remenber where I did read about the melting part, if you try this remenber MELTING PLASTIC CAN BE TOXIC! I had to open a window and leave on the fan on the stove till after I was done, not a real strong smell just enough to remind me I had to be carefull.
The bottle caps are uncrimped,all but the blue one is smashed, if you try smashing the ones that have been used they will not look nice, I left the blue one unsmashed because it has two sets of beads, I also did not remove the plastic ring in the cap.
dont think I could make a matching set as each does its own thing when melting.
Happy Crafting

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Hi Oddie, is the melted plastic in there pretty permanently? I'm thinking it would make a cool looking belt if you could drill them and link a bunch together. It would be very one of a kind and unique and could have lots of colors in it to go with lots of outfits. DebW

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I like the jewelery idea. They might also look good as buttons on some of your cute snowmen.

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Ok, this is probably not what you are looking for and I don't know how big they are and they may be too beautiful to use on such a simple thing, but I'd like them as push pins or magnets. I'd rather have something beautiful like those to look at on my board than the same old useful things. They are each so unique, unusual and pretty. You always do such awesome work.
I like the button idea too. ~Anj

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Thank you! I knew you guys would come up with some ideas for me,
debw I think they are permanently in the bottle cap,maybe because I left the liner in and it also melts with beads, I had one that messed up and could not get the beads out, I like the belt idea, I seen some made with bottle caps, thats a cool idea!
adellabedella, I did make a neckless with the blue one, has a dangle beads and dark brown leather, for the chain, I will post a photo if anyone would like to see it.
anjabee thank you! they would make cute stick pins, the butterfly was a stick pin I cut off, the inside is one inch, would be a nice size for a pin or magnet.
love all of your ideas and thank you for shareing them with me
Happy Crafting

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these turned out great. What a novel idea. I love the one with the butterfly. Way to go!

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Thank you! sunshinegirlcp, glad you liked them.

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