Inspiration for people who do Mosiacs

judithvaMarch 22, 2007

Hi all,

I don't post over here much, because I have not done crafts for a long time. But I love looking at other peoples crafts and crafts Blogs so I thought that some of you mosiac crafters might enjoy this site for inspiration.

This is my first try at a live link, I hope it works.

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Well, sorry I see the "live" part did not work..Sigh...if any one has advice on how to make it "live" I would appreciate some directions. LOL

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Those are really neat.. wonder why they used as the base?

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The base (of the cupcakes) looks like one of the fancy foil cupcake liners. I am guessing she put the silver liners in a muffin tin (for support) and poured into the foil cup some kind of plaster as the base, then I am guessing she used a stroyfoam ball cut in half (a bigger diameter than the top of the foil (see how the top overhangs the foil?) then glue the half ball to the now dried plaster, then glue tiny china pieces to the half ball, then add the grout inbetween the china pieces.
But, I am just guessing LOL, I have never done mosiacs before, I read about it, so like I said just a guess....

If anyone else wants to jump in with instruction please do thanks.

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That sounds about right based on mosaicing... Cute stuff at that link. A lot of work went into those, you can tell.


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I have never tried mosiacs and dont have a clue how they are made, but they are real cute, thanks for shareing!

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