Samsung Galaxy 2 7" accessory questions

mrtulinDecember 13, 2013

It is a programmed work tablet and we mostly tap answers.
But it is massively inefficient for written answers and required narratives. I am no professional, but I do use a keyboard the correct way and make far fewer typos with a keyboard than with a touch screen.
(it also has the usual apps: pandora,google,gmail etc which I use all the time)

I want a non-gel keyboard, stand, cover for the galaxy 2. 7.0 Ideally:
It has to be light: I carry too much stuff already
Easy to set up. No time for fooling around with difficult ports, stands that don't stand (like the crappy Belkin they gave us)

ergonomically correct (or approaching it)
I have a bum wrist and neck. My wrist does not like hours of the point and tap position . So far, a stylus helps some but it requires some force and my wrist complains after a while)

And price points: I have to pay this for myself. I don't mind bargain hunting on Amazon. I'd like to spend $50 or less

Question: when a programmed tablet is plugged into a keyboard, how does the screen correlate to the keyboard? For instance, Does the kdyboard down arrow move down a list of check boxes on the program screen?

Zaggtouchfolio (or somesuch name) for apple gets good reviews, but I can't figure out an effective search for what I need.They definitely lean towards Apple.

Thank you if you are able to make some suggestions.
any information or thoughts are certainly welcome.


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Your frustrations sound similar to mine.
You don't want an app for that. But I would think you can obtain a keyboard -- purchase; or get from employer? -- that you can plug into the tablet. (Some are thin and so flexible they can be rolled up.)

Perhaps your employer can help with that?

If not, go to your local electronic gadget store such as BestBuy, Office Depot, etc. -- go on a weekday when it's slow and personnel can take time to answer your questions.

Take your tablet with you, and tell them what you want to do.

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I have a wireless keyboard for my iPad that I got several months ago on Amazon. It's thin and light, and the construction is decent. It was only $20 and it's still working fine. If you click on the link below, you'll see that a lot of people have reviewed it and it gets decent marks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anker keyboard

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