Transfering cell phone contacts to new smart phone?

chas045December 27, 2013

I got the wife a new (well, I guess they have been available for more than a year) Samsung Galaxy smart phone to replace her two or three year old motorola razor flip phone. With most previous phone replacements, I have had the company transfer the contacts and for the Razor switching to consumer cellular, I had radio shack (not the provider) transfer the files for us. I suppose I could have them do it again but I was hoping that you all have some methods that work for you.

Consumer cellular told me I could transfer the data onto the new sim card placed in the old phone. It almost worked, but it didn't recognise the subdirectory layout in the old phone that sometimes appeared to have one name with multiple numbers (home, work, mobile etc.). The transferred data had multiple listing for each contact of multiple phones and worse; each was listed as a mobile number. I believe the majority of numbers are single phone contacts and I could edit the various phone types for the minority, but it would still be painful and I haven't even found how to change the phone type but only the numbers so far.

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These are Youtube videos, Youtube is your friend for almost anything these days with a wealth of information on almost all topics known the humans.

Go here to export from old phone.

Go here to import into Samsung Galaxy.

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if both have Bluetooth use it very easy , let the phone connect true Bluetooth and is done

good luck

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I believe both do have bluetooth but I never learned to use it. I will check it out.
owbist; I always forget about youtube. However, I didn't see anything useful in your list. Remember, I had essentially succeeded in making a sim card transfe, but the data was not complete. The one on point post from your list also indicated incomplete data fields. I actually found that my transfer was worse than I originally thought. It only transferred the contact name and lost both the fact that the next contact was identical and thus a subset, but also lost any indication of the type of phone (work, home etc) and listed ALL entries as 'mobile'.

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you should start from scratch do not put any address on the new one just let them make connection with blue tooth and then transfer to the new one

hope help's

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switch on Bluetooth on both , on the new one do a search when find the other phone is going to give you a number right down you going to need it when the old ask for the number. After that both talk to each other and now can bring your contact to the phone
need help let me know

good luck

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The good news is that with an Android phone and a gmail account you won't have to bother transferring contacts in the future. Everything syncs up across all devices in google, including the google calendar.

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