Garland RNB conversion

sefullerNovember 23, 2013

Anyone have any experience converting an RPB30 from LP to natural gas?

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I have heard that with the Garland there is more to the conversion than just changing the orifices, can anyone comment if there is any truth to that? Additionally, does anyone know if Bluestar parts will work on the Garland RNB?


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This is a VERY obscure question that few , if any, people have the answer to.

Garland didn't sell many residential ranges during their time in the marketplace and they'd all have been configured for the original install.

I assume you've bought a second hand one.

You should contact a service provider and see if he's willing to tackle the research needed for this. Expect to pay a few hundred bucks for the legwork whether it bears fruit or not.

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Just in case anyone else is interested, the Garland has field serviceable orifices on the open burners (except the small simmer burner-within-a-burner). The regulator is also field serviceable, so the only orifices that need to be replaced are the oven, ir broiler, and the small simmer burner. The open burner orifices have a size 50 hole (suitable for natural gas), but are tightened down all the way onto a pin in the housing for LP gas, which restricts the opening size. The regulator has a disc that is removed and reversed depending on whether LP or natural gas is used. In the image, one of the open burner orifices is removed, showing the "pin" in the housing. The tandem orifices in the background are for the open burner with the small simmer burner.

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Nice write up and photos. I am sure a few months from now someone will be doing a search on this topic and find your post and be pretty happy you posted it.

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