What are you hobbies

jbkiddMarch 10, 2007

Does anyone have any interesting hobbies or crafting abilities they would like to share.

I need something new to do but don't know what.

Haven't seen anything new of this forum for such a long time, people must be running out of ideas.

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I do a lot of different things. When I get tired of one, I just move on to another! LOL

My favorite thing to do is paint. I like to paint small decorative things right on up to walls in the house. I love taking stuff that I already have or junk I pick up at the TS and fixing it up so it works better in our house.

I crochet. I self-taught myself about 3 years ago and I seem to mostly work on that in the colder months. I have made a larger afghan (took forever because it's all single crochet!), a few smaller afghans like baby blanket siz or lapghans, a ton of scarves, a few hats, two dog sweaters and some other small stuff.

Last year I started making primitive stitcheries. I find a saying I like, write it on muslin and stitch away. I really like doing that and I think I could do it constantly if it weren't for the fact that I don't have a ton of room for all my works of art! LOL

I also sew, both machine and by hand. I make most of the curtains in our house, cover pillows, repair items around the house and just recently made a rag quilt. When I hand-sew, I'm mostly making yo-yo's. I started making them about two years ago to see what the fuss was. (My Gram had been making them for a few years.) I became hooked! I started out making a wall hanging for our bedroom in all reds, whites and blues to go with my Americana theme and now it's almost 1000 yo-yo's big. I think I may actually one day be able to use it on my bed! The yo-yo fad has caught on in my family just because others saw me do it. My Step mom and her Mom are making a quilt, too and I just got my friend addicted and she NEVER did crafts or sewed much in her life! LOL

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Hi Sweets, I like to make yo-yos too. I mostly do them when we are on trips in the motorhome, or on a long drive somewhere. They are easy to take along and give me something to do. I don't have many done yet, but started when I saw the gorgeous quilt my neighbor had made out of them. Maybe I will soon have enough for a pillow at least! Ha ha

Like you, I enjoy painting. Love finding a TS find that I can spruce up with paint. Used to paint lots of cutouts and plaques, but again like you said, not much room for displaying them.

That is great that you taught yourself to crochet. I tried it a few times, but don't have the patience--prefer quick projects!

Jbkidd, what kinds of things have you done in the past? Maybe we could come up with a new/updated version of it for you. Do you like to make things for your home, or are you looking for things to sell? I know scrapbooking and jewelry making seem to be the popular things right now, have you tried either of those? Hopefully, someone will post an idea that will be "just the thing" to get you excited again. Good luck.


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Hi, folks!
Would love to see pics of yo-yos en masse. :-) I am not at all talented like you guys are with the sewing (I DO have an idea for trying some day a quilt made of velvet scraps, but it's going to require a HUGE learning curve for me.)

Mostly I too love to paint small decorative items-- nice little contained projects that are useful either for me around the house or for friends as gifts. I also like assembling gift baskets of unexpected little treasures (particularly if the container is a little unusual.)

Otherwise I do woodburning and a lot of decoupage, and mosaic with broken vintage china. Right now I'm trying to make garland out of varnished marshmallow Peeps and beads... That one's been an incredibly silly looking craft. When I'm done, I'll post pics.

Good luck in all your great projects, and here's wishing you the inspiration you're looking for.


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Here is a picture of my yo-yo quilt from back in the fall. I have since added another row or two. I have a large wooden bowl filled with more to hook on, too and many pieces already cut for more yo-yo's.

I felt the same way about crocheting at first. But I guess after sticking to many small projects and getting better at it, it doesn't get me down anymore. I have made so many scarves because they are so fast! I also made a rug that I forgot to mention for my kids' bathroom in black and khaki and that went VERY fast. I wanted to make more but I can't figure out where I would put it! LOL

Here is a picture of that afghan (and DS and one of our dogs, Hunter, but it's the only pic I had in Photobucket of the afghan)that took two years. I worked on it a lot for a few days and then would put it down for a few months. It's all single crochet and I just kept changing colors when I felt like it. I used the common colors found in Primitive country decor. It may have took a long time but I was so happy when I finally finished it! It was worth it!

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Sweets, that is a nice yo yo quilt--takes LOTS of time to make that many yo-yos! Your afghan is great too, so great for cuddling up when it's chilly. Yeah, isn't that a great feeling when we complete a project and stand back and think "I made that!". ;o)

Jenn, I would have thought that varnish would "melt" those peeps. Can't wait to see your project all completed. Cute idea.


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Sweets-- lovely yo-yos, thank you for posting! And the colors do work so well together. Love all that vintage-looking fabric. (And sweet puppy, too!)

Luvs-- ya know, I thought the Peeps might melt, also. But they seem like they're doing okay. If anything, they are more brittle than gooey. Tonight I'm going to try to run the line through them and start beading. I'm hoping this won't cause too many Peep casualties in the process. We shall see. :-)


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I do pretty much anything with stained glass. RIght now I'm doing mosaics - it's so easy & so much fun !

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I sew, flower garden, do trash to treasure, just getting back into quilting. The best part of all of this is the designing part...I love that.

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