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Proud2BAGrannyMarch 19, 2012

I am looking for a leather supplier online. At a reasonable price. Does anyone know of such a place? THANX

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My mother used to always order from Tandy - google it - you can order online or go to a local store...

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Tandy and The Leather Factory have combined as one store. They have lots of leather. What are you using it for? I am a leather carver and other leather thing. Maybe I can help you out.

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thanks Gramma bonnie and aquawise. I am using it to make journals, among other things. I did find some on Ebay, and also checked out a few goodwill stores for leather items that I can recycle........found lots of leather there, and much less inexpensive than buying leather online, and the best part is, some of it is already aged for me..and I also get a lot more varieties of leather, so that works out good for me
Now, is there a secret to sewing leather on a sewing machine? LOL THX

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Seriously? Is your machine a commercial one, or a home machine?

I am a professional and I would not routinely sew leather on a domestic (home use) machine. Many retailers over-promise what a sewing machine will do. The type of sewing machine you should be using will have an on-off switch on the heavy, metal-legged table in which it sits, and the foot pedal is a wide one that engages a clutch motor.

I suspect the motor of a domestic machine will burn out rather quickly sewing leather.

Use a Teflon foot.

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A little late, maybe, but you can find 'leather' sewing needles in fabric/craft stores. It does depend on the machine and how thick the leather is. My ancient Elna sews leather o.k., but I do not push it or force it.

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