New HP ENVY TouchSmart Notebook questions

chas045December 27, 2013

I am (was) an old xp user. but my well loaded laptop died. I had been thinking I might find someone's laptop and see if it was just a video card or perhaps just the system portion of the hard drive and I could recover some nice programs. However, while I dithered, my wife bought me a nice modern Win 8 HP ENVY TouchSmart Notebook. Just before I started typing, I realized it was called a Notebook which explains why it doesn't have a DVD drive.

SO: my first question is, how do modern folks work without a dvd. Is massive cloud storage available for passing data and video stuff somehow? Does everyone carry massive memory sticks? Or do they just buy an external DVD drive for when needed? Could I hook the notebook to the desktop and burn that way easy? As another presumed burn need; I had been attempting to clean up some old lp's to create cleaner cd versions.

Second: I Keep my e-mail on my desktop and I had never attempted setting up to read email on my old laptop. I usually had email set to delete from the server after it was read. On the other hand, the wife's mail stays on the server so she can pick mail from her i-pad and she just got an android type smart phone too. We occasionally dump those server files when nearly full. I guess my new notebook needs my email account before it can even give me tutorials. It warns me that it can't work with the old POP3 approach. I guess I need to call earthlink and ask them to switch things. Do you all have suggestions before I chat with earthlink?

I can imagine that one of your responses might have something to do with cloud cantact information so I will mention that I will put another post up about how to move cell phone contacts. If you could help with that would you be kind enough to look at the other post?

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SO: my first question is, how do modern folks work without a dvd.

So my first question is, do you need a DVD player? Only you can honestly answer that, we each use our computers differently, there being no real right or wrong way. I very rarely use mine. If you download anything from the internet it can simply be installed from the Downloads file. Thumb/flash drives are almost at give away prices for the larger versions now too.

Do you have enough data to warrant an external drive or would the external drive be an extravagance in your case.

I don't or won't put anything in the clouds, maybe just an odd quirk in my case but.......

On the email situation why not create a couple of throw away space based accounts with Yahoo, Live, Hotmail, Gmail or who ever else takes your fancy? I still use POP3 with my MS Office program but have three throw away accounts for when dealing with anyone who is not family or friend because I do not want my main email account cluttered with spam.

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owbist, thanks for your thoughts on the cloud. re flash drives, are you saying that they are easily big enough to transfer a movie, and would you carry it to your tv or some TV interface? Do you do that for old audio?

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A movie fits on a DVD so must be something less than the 4.5 gigs a DVD is capable of holding. So yes flash drives come much larger than that and the prices have dropped. I saw 16 gig flash drives in the flyers recently and I do believe they were about $9 up here in Canada so you should expect better than that in the U.S.

I don't have a TV but from listening to others I understand today's models do wonders so yes if your TV is not old it will likely have USB ports. Perhaps even and HDMI port to connect your computer to the TV if the computer has an HDMI port also. Others here are better able to clarify that for you though.

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Many laptops have DVD drives, some don't. Especially not the ones that try to be uber-light or thin.

If you need a drive, get an external USB one. I think you'd find that loading movies/TV shows on SD cards or thumb drives or up to a "cloud" is really not viable.

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