New computer...what order to do some "prep work"

debo_2006December 4, 2012

I just bought a Dell desktop with Windows 8 pre-installed. Before using the computer for anything, I want to do the following, but not sure in what order I should do them:

1) Get rid of all the bloatware using a download of decrapifier recommended by Zep.

2) Make Win8 restore media

3) Install Kaspersky anti virus which I have.

Then, I'm on my way to set the machine up how I need it. If I make the restore media first, will it contain bloatware? If I get rid of the bloatware first, I need to download decrap without an anti virus installed. I want a clean copy of restore media and don't know if installing the anti virus and decrap software before making the restore media will jeoprodize a clean copy of the restore media. But if I do the restore media first, will it contain all the bloatware?

Hope I'm making sense. Thanks for your reply.

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Personally I would get Kaspersky installed and updates installed sudden like then look for Windows updates. The rest can be done at your leisure then.

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Unfortunately, the "bloatware" you refer to is included in the recovery partition, so when you make your recovery media (DVDs), it will be included on them. When you use Decrapifier or other means to remove bloatware, you are removing it from the "C" drive, and not from the restore/recovery drive. I would do as Owbist suggests, and then make the restore media either before OR after you use Decrapifier.

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I'd load the drive the way I wanted it, then go to the win8 control panels win7 backup and restore, and create my own original system image. Then I never ever have to screw around with this same stuff again for the system volumes.

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Thanks all. I want to make this as painless as possible...I've never done this before.

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Make your factory restore discs.
Then don't install Kaperski, win8 has good anti-virus.
Run the Decrapifier program.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Mickie wrote:- win8 has good anti-virus.

Interesting I did not know that Mickie, a natural progression I suppose. Likely to upset the competition of course

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