Easter Egg Ideas

jlt37869March 30, 2011

I've been blowing out eggs for quite awhile, so I now have a good size batch of hollow eggs to decorate (they are all white and all the same size ,,, just normal grocery store large eggs). I've never decorated eggs this way, so I'm looking for any ideas/suggestions. Thanks.

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You probably have something else in mind. I like to remove the top 1/3 -1/2 of an egg shell so I just have the bottom part. I paint the egg and make a face and hot glue wiggly eyes on. I hot glue an up side down lid from a drink bottle to the very bottom to make a stand. I may tie beads to pieces of yarn for feet and hands. Glue arms and legs and attach to lid. Carefully fill egg with dirt and then add some grass seeds. Water carefully. The grass grows out and makes hair. It's really cute and fun.

I'm attaching a link of some ceramic eggs you can buy. My decorated eggs end up looking look sort of like this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Commercial Version

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You're right ,,, I did have something else in mind (lol). But these are really fun, and a few of my eggs have cracks by the blow hole, so they'll be perfect for this project. I'll post a picture, if they turn out ,,, but don't hold your breath, these may be beyond my skill level (lol).

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Practice, practice, practice - we want to see your attempts, however they turn out - we appreciate all skill levels here!

I have always wanted to give Batik a try, but haven't learned how to blow the eggs - if I ever do learn how, THEN I will attempt to make a Batik egg - until then, it's just a pie in the sky! LOL

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I made a little bit of progress on the eggs this past weekend. So far, I'm planning to make a family of grass hair critters, a batch of glitter eggs, and a batch of fancy dark green and gold eggs (for my formal living room). Any other ideas?

I have no problem sharing my attempts (lol). I had a problem with my green paint, so need to revisit that, if I want a green critter. Really wanted to do a frog or lizard as part of that grouping. Also, played around with different types of paint. The topless purple one was done with water colors ,,, irl, it's really pretty w/ some nice pastel marbling. The dark green ones are spray paint (and are as a result of not getting a good green critter egg).

In the top hole I glued in little hangers (some simple, some fancy), but I haven't decided yet, how I'm going to plug the bottom holes yet. How do you cover that hole?

adell - how do you cut off the top of your eggs? I just chipped away at the top for a jagged look (sort of like the ceramic egg), but a smooth cut would look nice too. I haven't figured out the base yet, so he just sits in the little pill cup for now. I will probably add arms and work on his face a bit more (right now it's just penciled on). I have to get going on his friends, so hopefully, they'll all have hair (or at least peach fuzz) by Easter. Fingers crossed that the grass seed germinates. :)

kay - Batik is definitely outside my skill level, but those eggs are really cool (lots of talented people out there). Blowing eggs is REALLY easy! I use a sharp finishing nail and hammer, while holding the egg in my hand. I make a hole in each end, and then chip (with the nail) the bottom hole a bit bigger. The finishing nail is long enough that it breaks the yolk. Then blow out the egg through the larger hole. I then wash and run water through the egg and blow out the excess water. I set the egg in the carton on a little piece of paper towel (that will draw out any remaining water). The key is holding the egg in my hand, so it has some "give". If that doesn't work for you, try setting the egg on a piece of memory foam (or something with some cushion). If you drive the nail or needle into the egg while it is resting on a hard surface, you're more likely to crack the egg. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!!

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I think I just used my fingers and did it. It doesn't matter if it has a smooth top. I kind of like the chipped look.

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They came out very nice. The Easter kits were what I used for colors altho you can use drop of food color with a little vinegar to set the color, if I remember right. Paste colors would give more color variety. Do I understand you are trying to get seed to sprout in an egg? Hope you left bottom open a bit, might work & be very cute, he's pretty cute already!! You could glue on bits of lace or ribbon or cut apart a paper doily or 2 & glue on. Sprinkle with DecoArt Twinkles crystal color it is a very fine glitter with glue in it that changes color in light. Could make sqiggles, dots etc. It is my favorite, I used it on sea shells for my Christmas tree, brushed it on . Very delicate & rich looking. Jan

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