24 inch speed oven options. Smeg, Berta, and Miele?

Fori is not pleasedNovember 13, 2013

Howdy! I want a speed oven, 24".

So, Bertazzoni and Smeg have cheap models, Miele has a cheaper and two more pricey models.

Has anyone heard about the performance of the non-Mieles? The Berta and Smeg are much cuter. I don't need all the options of the Mieles, but do want something that performs speed oven stuff well. Cheaper doesn't hurt.

Amongst the Mieles, it seems that the main differences are programability. Is there anything else, aside from styling, that sets the cheap from the expensive? Their website is terrible!

Are there other 24" models I'm missing?


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what do want one for primarily ?

If you just want to be able to microwave something while using a radiant heating element at the same time, then there are lots of choices @ $1000.

Any convection microwave is essentially a "speed oven" You can find them from Wolf, Dacor, Thermador , Panasonic, Electrolux and Sharp.

They do not have a broil element though, so aren't really a true oven like the Miele and Smeg.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd like it to be a real oven (probably the primary oven), that does extra stuff. I've gotten really attached to the size of my current 24" Maytag cheapie and thought a speed oven would be more versatile than a regular ol' 24" oven.

We'll have a separate microwave.

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Then forget the "convection microwaves" they are not real ovens.

The miele is the most like a real oven, actually it is a real oven that has a magnetron crammed into the top of it.

It has top and bottom elements + a convection element/fan as well as a microwave feature.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks, Xedos. Do the Smeg and Berta lack these? And do all the Mieles have capable ovens? (Is there much of a reason to get the more expensive model?)

The Smeg seems to have the vital stuff but it's hard to tell about the Bertazzoni.

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Have no idea on the Berta, the SMEG has at least a broiler element, but I don't think it has a bottom one.

The Mieles are all the same except for the control interface. You get knobs or a computer, the elements, trays, racks, magnetron ect... are all identical.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks for the info. Somehow I don't think I'm likely to find a Smeg on display anywhere so I'll probably chicken out and do the cheap Miele.

Or...maybe I should just give up and try to fit in a 30" model. Preheating isn't an issue with speed ovens, is it? Anything wrong with higher voltage GEs?

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"Anything wrong with higher voltage GEs"

They aren't real ovens, and use a light bulb. but you can get one at Sears.

"I'd like it to be a real oven (probably the primary oven),"

Suck it up, get the Miele, and be done with it. The others are really just toys by comparison, and if you are going to use it frequently like a real oven - the choice is really a simple one.

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Fori is not pleased

But but but! I thought GE invented speed ovens! So the broiling they're claim is just halogen and not a traditional oven?

Just noticed, it's not sucking up much in price to go to the Miele--Advantiums aren't all that cheap either!

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joooo got it mon !

You are really over complicating this now.

If you want to use one of these as a real oven on a daily or almost daily basis - this discussion is over. You are suffering from analysis paralysis.

Pull the trigger already !

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Fori is not pleased

....but the others are so much cuter!

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I have the cheaper Miele--the Chef rather than the Master Chef. I intentionally went for the knobs rather than the menus. One reason is that I installed it under the counter and thought it would be easier to use that way. I think the menus probably would make the speed functions easier to get right but I don't really find them necessary. It just takes some trial and error.

I really like the oven. I would say that as a percentage of use it would be microwave 50%, regular oven 25% and speed functions 25%. The capacity is surprisingly large. I would not hesitate to get the Chef model.

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Fori is not pleased

Thanks, BD. Good to know you like it. I always prefer less menuization--somehow it's almost insulting, like the "chicken nugget" button on some ranges. :)

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Imhappy&Iknowit IOWA zone 6b

I don't want to hijack your delimma, Fori, BUT I would like to get something that would replace a toaster oven and the microwave and got real excited to see this thread....until I googled Miele Chef. A thousand dollars is not in my price range! My gas range was bottom of the line Sears scratch and dent about 4 years ago and I'm very happy with it. I made a space for the microwave and toaster oven when I remodeled but now I'd like to combine the two into one appliance. Is it possible for less than $200? This isn't something I need, it's something I would like to have.

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Hmm.. Have you considered a convection steam. I got a gagg combi steam convection off CL and find that I use it for convection bake about 50 % of the time. Really like how fast it heats up and I can even do 2 quarter trays of cookies or a smaller cupcake tray or a oven frittata etc. The steam is really really nice for so many things. Steam eggs to make deviled eggs, veggies, reheating etc. I use this more than even the microwave.

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"Hmm.. Have you considered.........."

uh, you did see the "LESS THAN $200 requirement, didn't you ??????????????????????????????????

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Fori is not pleased

I don't know, Love_m. I think Gary/dodge makes toast with an Electrolux speed oven which might be cheaper than a Miele but not $200 unless you get really lucky at a scratch 'n' dent store.

Lolo, are you introducing more variables?? How could you do that to me!!???? :) I guess I'll have to go check them out now....

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I have a GE 240v Advantium; it has a real 1500w heating element in the back that with a convection fan provides heat for baking. Although that's different than the upper and lower heating elements in a "real" oven, I haven't found it makes much different in routine cooking. The 240v Advantium wall ovens have a wire shelf rather than the round booster tray used on the 120v models. I find it works fine as a real oven, albeit a smaller one. Of course it's only available in 30" width (the 120v/15a model is available in 27"w as well).

I haven't used a Miele speed oven so can't compare the two.

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Hi xedos. I have gone through the Miele information, including the specifications and the operating manual. I can't find any mention of a lower heating unit except on the Miele website speed oven marketing page.

In the manual, I only find mention of the microwave, the upper element (broil) and the european convection element. The floor is a closed surface in the drawings I could find. Do you understand how the lower heating unit works? When it is being used? When it is not used?

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Looking for the same info wondering if any of you has purchased one? If so would love to hear any feedback!

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