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doterooFebruary 24, 2009

I couldn't figure which forum to post this on but I wonder if someone can give me some simple ideas of how to decorate these plain cupboards. I painted them antique white and was going to put glaze on to give them an antique look but the glaze looked awful. I suppose because the cupboards are so plain. I have looked for some kind of country decals or rub ons but can't find any I like. I bought stencils to put a design on but after practicing I decided I better not risk it. I was thinking of sponge painting just the doors. Any ideas anyone? I'm not very crafty.

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Not sure what room they are in, so this idea may not work. I think the wallpaper looks really pretty--if you have any extra, maybe you could just cut out some of the design and use it on the cabinet.

Or how about painting the cabinet blue/white. The cabinet could be blue and the door white or vice versa.


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I think putting some molding on the door to give it some interest. I couldn't cut it myself and since you aren't crafty, maybe you could find, or already have, a wooden frame that lays flat that could be used.
Sponge painting could be nice, but you might want to practice on a piece of cardboard first. You definitely have to remove almost all the paint from the sponge onto newspapers or paper towels before sponging to get the right effect. I have a hard time doing that cuz it just seems wasteful!
Other options are to make stripes or even faux molding using painters tape and paint use a slightly different color, or even the same color but with a different glossiness. I think stripes of a pale color that coords with your wall paper would be cute. You could even sponge them, lol. Remember to post a pic when youa re done.

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Thanks for the ideas! It is a kitchen cabinet in a mobile home so the background you see is not wall paper.

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This is sort of what I was thinking of with stripes.
Have fun

Here is a link that might be useful: Potterybarn striped bureau

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For fun i googled striped cabinet. the light stripes look sponged here.

Here is a link that might be useful: striped console

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I really like the striped look especially on the first one. I'm going to think seriously on this. Thanks!!

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I also think adding moldings to the doors would really change the look of the cabints all together.. you can get some moldings made out of light weight wood and easy to cut and just glue of tack with small nails.. I like the stripes.. but I am afraid they would drive me crazy after a while looking at them for to long and if they are in a kitchen.. they would stand out.. now if it was a bedroom I would love the stripes...infact I may try that on a dresser I have for a bedroom in my grandson's room..

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If you arn't too crafty painting stripes might not be so easy, if you are masking off & don't get tape down firmly enough it can run under the tape, I tried something yrs ago & had to redo whole thing. I've gotten lot crafter since then. Best to try it on a board or cardboard to see if you can measure it off so the strips would be even & not run under the tape. Don't want to discourage you, just let you know it does take some doing. Also measure your cabinet from 1 side to the other. If it is not exactly the same across the top & bottom, the strips are not going to come out right. In other words, is the cabinet squared up, or askewed. Jan

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I think if the contrast between the two colors isn't too much and the darker is on the out side it is workable even if the cupboard is slightly skewed. Just have the skew be on the outer stripes with their inside edge being straight and therefore all the inner stripes would be straight as well.
But Jan is right the measuring and care with the tape could be time consuming. You would have to be an exacting person. It would be an effort for me for example I can cook quite well but baking not so good (exact measuring not my thing, lol). I still want to try stripes on an old bureau tho.

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I would go to Lowe's and purchase some of the architectual molding they have that you can paint/stain. I wouldn't get a real detailed one..too hard to keep clean. You could center them on the doors-even add a thin half round molding near the edge, to frame the design. Maybe paint in a complimentary color with new colored acrylic knobs (Target) to match?

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