'Gold'...but which one?

sharon_flFebruary 27, 2008

I'm in the midst of many projects for my grandaughter's room makeover (Cinderella theme) and I need your suggestions.

I purchased 2 electric light wall sconces with 2 tiers of prisms as well as a swag chandelier with crystal prisms. I want to paint the bases in a metallic gold but stumped as to which color gold.

I have painted a desk, dresser, headboard & a pr of footboards (with intricate wooden designs on the bed)-all in a cream color. Unlike French Provincial..I am going to 'trim the beveled edges in a pale pink or lavender but want to highlight the designs & the very edges in gold as well. Drawer pulls will be the pink or lavender acrylic type.

SO-do I use the shiney metallic gold or the 'old gold' or what on both the lighting and the furniture-or different on each?

Product brands and color name would be helpful too. THANKS!!

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Hi Sharon:

I would use Old Gold but I think that this may be my personal preference. However, what if you put all the colors together, the cream, the pale pink and the lavender and try adding the different shades of gold and see what your eyes tell you. Maybe put together a collage of papers in all the shades, if possible. You may come up with a masterpiece.

I would be consistent when choosing the color. In other words either shiny or old but not both.

Best of luck. Post pictures please.


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Good point Annabell! I bought 3 different golds today-so will do as you suggested. Methinks I'm probably going to want the Classic shiny gold as I'm doing the walls in a castle block stone look-in shades of tan, taupe,pink, with mortar lines (base coat) in a brownish color and the brighter gold will show up better on all of the lighting fixtures, etc. There'll be arched windows around the room in which I'm painting different scenes from the Cinderella story in each window. Will post pics when all is completed. Thanks for your suggestions!

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