GE Cafe dual fuel stove

malschNovember 26, 2012

Hello, I recently was able to remodel my kitchen, and got a GE Cafe dual fuel stove. It is 'slide in' style, in that it doesn't have a back, and has controls on the front.


Now, what has happened is rather um, embarrassing and warrants a question to the forum:

I have one of these timers:

While cooking some hard boiled eggs, I set the timer to go ~8 minutes while the eggs cooled. When I plucked the magnetic timer from the magnetic hood, I accidentally dropped it, it landed on the stove, it broke apart, and the plastic face cover came off and fell into one of the vent holes in the back of the stove. WTF. It didn't fall BEHIND the stove, it actually fell into one of the vent holes IN the back of the stove.

Is this a problem? Do I need to fish this thing out? Holy hell.

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Yeah, you need to get it out. That's a vent for the oven. The tool you need is readily available from just about any hardware store. The acronym for the tool is a CMPF, which stands for something like Coordinated Manipulating Projectible Forceps (which my Air Force buddies all call a cold morning penis finder) and is also known by names such as "flexible grabber."

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JW Video is right, you need one of these. At decent hardware store should have one or they are available online.

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Most local automotive parts stores will have one of those in stock. If not, look to see if you have a Harbor Freight in your town. You might also pick up one that has a magnet on the end. Those are pretty useful as well.

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Thanks for the feedback all~ I'll look for one of those tools. Looks pretty handy!

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