Self Cleaning oven racks?

makmo73November 30, 2013

We just sold our house with Viking Double Convection ovens. Loved the ovens but cleaning the oven racks, especially the gliding racks, is not something I will miss. Now looking for new ovens for the new house and would like to find a brand that allows for cleaning the racks in the ovens during the self cleaning cycle. Does anyone know if there is such an oven?

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GE Monogram allows you to keep the racks in the oven while running the clean cycle.

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As do the newly released GE Profile induction freestanding and slide-in ranges (PHB920 and PHS920). I think GE also still sells ceramic coated replacement racks which can be left in ovens during self-clean cycles. Part No. is (or used to be) WB48T10023,

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Yesterday we were at an appliance store and we were looking at GE Monogram built in double ovens. The salesperson told us that they must be removed before cleaning. I will have to check that out for accuracy as the racks had the same dark coating on them as the oven. I would think those would be self cleaning.

Thank you for the info about GE. Next question, are you happy with GE Monogram ovens?

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Stay-in racks would be a nice feature, but if you don't find them, I've found the cleaning can actually be easy.

I have the Electrolux Icon oven with very nice gliding racks. Since I've been cleaning my racks this way, the racks still look and function like new.

It took a bit of looking, but I found a plastic tub that is actually large enough for my racks to fit in, laying down flat. I set it on the counter, next to the sink, put the racks in, add hot water and ammonia, and leave them to soak, sometimes up to overnight. I just cover the works with a towel to keep the fumes in check. When done soaking, rinse, pat dry and replace. The hardest part is emptying the tub, which I have to bail out.

Some people use garbage bags to do this which can work very well too, however I kept having problems with them leaking, or getting enough solution to cover all the areas of the racks and had to fuss with flipping them, or refilling. However, either way, there is no need to scrub racks to keep them looking and working like new.

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athomesewing, I'm saving this - and hope it saves me a lot of trouble, since I have a new oven with a [coveted] gliding rack! but live in an apartment with no way to clean the rack outside . We do have excellent ventilation though.

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Thanks for the excellent suggestion, athomesewing! Certainly is worth a try.

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My GE Profile range has porcelain-coated racks (dark grey, not shiny chrome) that can be run through the self-cleaning cycle.

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I'm cleaning my kenmore elite oven as we speak, one of the perks is being able to keep the racks in. They suggest treating sides with corn oil after cleaning, or if the racks stick.

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