How to make a tall pedestal?

linnea56February 9, 2009

I have a chest set at an angle in a corner. I decided the corner space is just perfect for a silk flower arrangement. I would like to make some kind of pedestal for this: functional rather than decorative, as everything but the top will be hidden by the chest. I have other pedestals but even the tallest if too short for this spot.

IÂm trying not to spend much money right now so need to make it. Any ideas?

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Here's a plant stand I made from florist's vases, a couple of plates and part of a candy dish. It's quite sturdy and usually holds a potted plant that drapes over the edge.

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Wow that is awesome, wish I could have something like that in my house.. but with my big German Shepard, it would only last a few hours .. and he would fun into it.. LOL. but it sure is pretty, hummmmm wondering where I could put that so Buddy would not knock it over.. I have plant stands but they are all castiron. LOL I just love this piece.. you did a great job..

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YES! ThatÂs EXACTLY the idea! Wow! FloristÂs vases would work perfectly. (I had a fewÂwonder if I donated them? I have so many really nice vases of my own, I never re-used the florist ones) Seems like a good item to look for at Goodwill.

You did a great job on that, by the way. Nice combination of textures. The fancy bowl and plate on top are especially nice. What did you use to glue them together?

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I use GE II silicone clear caulk. I use this particular piece outside too and GE II holds up to any weather. I use caulk quite a lot and buy it in big tubes and use a caulk gun. One of the smaller toothpaste type tubes would have probably been enough to put this piece together.
Before I assembled the piece I ran all the parts through the dishwasher to be sure they were clean.
When you buy caulk always remember to check the expiration date. Never buy out of date or close to out of date caulk.
If you wander over to the Garden Junk forum and search for "glass totems" or "glass plant stands" you might find more things that inspire your imagination!
Good luck with your pedestal.

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