printables to fit coffee cans?

minnie_txFebruary 27, 2009

Does anyone have a site for printables for International coffee cans the little almost square ones? I keep a lot of things in them

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minnie I tried doing a search but didnt come up with any printables site, should be easy to cover useing scrapbook paper, wallpaper,you could even do altered art, lots of ideas there.
maybe someone will have other ideas for you.

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Thanks Oddie I thought there would be an easy way haha I use them for all sorts of things safety pins, paper clips sewing needles etc. I have loads of scrapbook paper and stuff I'm never going to use including my rubber stmps I have to find a good home for all of it.

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Minnie, Just use some of the scrapbook paper and glue it onto your can. Or you could use some of your fabric stash and wrap the can with that. Old wallpaper and wallpaper borders would work well too. Or as a last resort, spray on some spray paint.
I like saving and reusing both the metal and plastic coffee cans too--but so far I haven't made mine look pretty! Maybe your post will get me motivated to spruce mine up too!


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hope your post motivates me!!

I usually scoth tape one of what's inside to the top and side like a large safety pon or a Christmas ornament hook etc.

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