Hoping to find some help with crochet and knitting help.

girlsingardensFebruary 18, 2009

I have been trying to do some crocheting and it is going not so good to say the least. My sis is expecting twins in April and they have had trouble getting pregnant and have had invitro done. I would love it if there was someone out there that would be willing to make sweaters, booties and possibly a bonnet for the babies. She is expecting a boy and girl. I would be more than willing to send what ever kind of yarn that would be needed. I hope that someone will be willing to help me out. With the 4 little ones my time to try and learn to crochet beyond sqaures isn't working. I would be willing to pay someone for their time. She is already having contractions and will probably have the babies early. I thought something like this or a blanket would be a nice thing to give to her for something to look foreward to before the babies come. I would really appreciate anyone that would be willing to help me out. It wouldn't have to be crocheted, anyone willing to knit would be great too:)

She is having a hard time on bed rest and thought that this would be something that would help her out an lift her spirits.



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girlsinagarden, I would be more than happy to send you several receiving blankets made out of fleece ..I will make her some pink ones and blue ones.. and maybe two regular fleece blankets with fringe.. I can make more by useing the fleece then by crocheting them.. so you can let me know as soon as you can.. as I can get the fleece on sale now at hancock fabrics. My e-mail addy is joanc0904@aol.com you can see some of my blankets on this site And there is no charge.. It would be my pleasure...

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