Have you ever used this ?

toomuchglassFebruary 7, 2012

It's called "Wild Fiber". It has to be Old -- I bought it at a rummage sale . The lady that sold it ,said she wanted to use it ,but never did. ( Doesn't that sound familiar ? LOL ) It's colored paper pulp - you add water & shape it , and it's supposed to be like paper mache. I can't even find it on the internet anymore. The original price was $8.95 a bag ! Here's what the bag looks like . Recognize it ?

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I've never seen or used that brand,
Is it the same thing as Celluclay?
(A paper pulp that you add water to.)

I've done quite a lot of sculptures with Celluclay.
Santa Clauses, bunnies, scarecrows, nativity sets, etc.
The tallest I've done was around 14" tall.
Start with a 'form',
Could be tightly wadded newspaper, foil, or Styrofoam.
Cover with the paper clay,
Allow to dry thoroughly,
And paint.

I've always wanted to do a Cigar Store Indian
But never got around to it.


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Maybe it was the original celluclay. I've always wondered what celluclay was - now I know ! Sounds like a fun product to work with .

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Have fun! My goodness you do everything don't you!
I remember products like that years ago, not sure of the name. I never used it. I always thought i should make my own! (but did not of course)

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