need a poem for wee wee tee pee's

missy11February 13, 2009

Hello all,

I am making wee wee tee pee's to sell in april at a show.. for those who dont know what wee wee tee pee are... they are little cones and you place on baby boys so when you change them they don't spray they are also call wee wee toppers, or tee tee tee pee's...

I was wondering if someone could put together a little poem to put on the package to describe the use for the produce...

I cant wait to see what you come up with... thanks a million...


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How about
You think he went?
Don't be a fool.
Just use this tent,
And cover his tool.

Was gona say faucet but couln't make it rhyme. LOL.

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I was curious so I looked. This website has a poem they use.

Here is a link that might be useful: pee pee tee pee

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two months....that is so cute... I can call it ...'the wee wee tent'... what do you think? oh need your name to give you credit... lol..
adellabedella... thanks for the site... I didn't want to use their poem cause wasn't too sure I could... so was looking for something new... thanks for your help...

these are so easy to make ... made 20 in 15 minutes... I will post a pic soon as I get them packaged....

thanks ladies!

oh if anyone else has a poem, I would love to hear it too... would like a few more to use...

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I have a poem I found at VOY - I'll post it in the gallery

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When its time for a change
If he's not spent
He'll just take a wee
in this little tent.

I think there should be a second verse, but I just can't think of one, lol.


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Ok ladies... my dauhter is asking where is the cover up for the girls... since she was little she called it her 'moo moo" so thats why I am calling it the moo moo mat.. I was thinking just a 3 X 5 rectangle.. quilted.. our selling group is called "Grandma's Heart" so I think I would add a heart in the middle of the rectangle... just a scrip of fabric to place on the baby girls moo moo...
What do you think?...
Can anyone think of a cute little poem for this?

thanks a bunch...

Missy 11

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Hi Missy. New here, but was wondering if you could possibly post and share how you made the little tee pee's. Thanks in advance for your help. Joyce

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Not Missy, but here is my tutorial for the PPTPs, It's right after the tut on the Wienie Washers...

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Thank you Grandma Bonnie so much for posting your tutorial. I appreciate that so very much. Looks easy enough. Need to get going on some! Thanks again. Joyce

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You're welcome, Joyce.

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Hello all,,, sorry its taken me a while to get back... Had a few deaths back to back ,,, very unexpected both of them... Anyway I have taking a pic of my wee wee tent and packaging... I hope I remember how to post a pic...

very easy to make...I make them several ways... not very good giving directions on how... but I think someone has here.. thank you..
Did you see on "Brothers and Sisters" a couple of weeks ago where the showed the wee wee teepee... I cracked up laughing...
Thanks again to all of yall for all your wonderful ideas that are always on the THS... love this site

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