Aga Legacy Range - Reviews?

jdelrayerNovember 8, 2010

I'm very close to making the final decision on an Aga Legacy 36" dual fuel range (went to look at the Pro+ and fell in love with the Legacy, go figure). My one hesitation is that I have not been able to find many reviews or comments from people who own or have used one. I have read the "What is an Aga" thread and found it very helpful, but thought there might be some Legacy owners out there that didn't participate in that discussion. So - anyone out there have experience with a Legacy? I'd love to hear about both the positives and negatives. Thanks.

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I'm in love with the Legacy too (44" electric for me, though.) I may drive across the state to buy a floor model this week. While I can't share my experience as an owner yet I can tell you what I've heard.

I need a new one now since our range died over the weekend so I don't have time for a special order - I'm looking for a floor model that I can take home now. One dealer I called didn't have the one I wanted on the floor thus no chance to sell me on anything but he shared his experince with Aga with me. He has one himself and loves it. He has owned Viking, GE, etc. and said that Aga's cooking performance is far superior. He also said that they are exceptionally reliable with virtually no repair calls.

The one drawback he mentioned was the oven cavity size - he said that they have to cut pizzas in half to bake them. A 13x9 pan will fit but forget about big roasts or turkeys. We fry our turkey anyway so no worries there! I'm sure you've been on the Aga website but if not be aware that there is a $750 rebate for a Legacy right now. I hope more people weigh in on this thread...

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Do a search at the bottom of the list of threads for Aga and you should turn up a whole long thread about them.

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Thanks gzach. It's nice to hear about the reliability and performance (particularly from someone who knew there was no chance of a sale). The size is one issue that I am curious about as a practical matter. We're definitely going to have to get some new bakeware, but I think overall it's likely a non-issue for us (we order pizza and like you are big fans of the fried turkey, and those seem to be the common things people bring up). Best of luck this weekend. I hope you are able to get what you want -- post again once you get it installed and have a chance to test it out. I'm so excited for you!

Thanks too plllog - I did search and read the long Aga thread - I was just hoping there are some new Legacy owners out there willing to share.

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I'm considering a Legacy and wondering if you guys bought your and if you LOVE them!

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We did buy, but it will not be installed until Thursday. I'll report back after I have a chance to use it.

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Exciting! I look forward to hearing about it :)

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Ok, ayerg73 - Here's a preliminary report: I love my Legacy. Installed great, no problems. Looks beautiful. First night, I just used the range top - cooked rice, steamed veggies, sauteed chiken. Worked perfectly - nice even flame/heat, great control of the flame,etc. Tonight, used the broiler for steaks and the small convection oven for sweet potatoes. Brilliant! Small oven heated up super fast, and sweet potatoes cooked quickly and evenly. The steaks came out perfectly. Super easy to use, controls are intuitive and the clean up was fast and easy. I'm hoping to use the multi-function oven this weekend and to continue to put it through its paces. The documentation that comes with it is pretty good (although Aga needs to hire a better proof reader). It explains the various functions well and gives a handy chart for adjusting cooking temps based on the function you use. Our kitchen is still a work in progress -- probably another few weeks until it is photo ready, but when it is, I'll post some photos.

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So glad to hear that you are enjoying it! I'm very jealous as I fight with my cooktop with uneven burners and oven with the doors that won't close! ;)

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I'm also very curious how the AGA performs. Like many people who enjoy cooking and trying to find that "perfect" range, so far I'm torn between the AGA and Blue star. Does anyone own the Northland fridge? Deciding between that and the Subzero.

Happy cooking!

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Have a new dual fuel 36 inch legacy, have used for several weeks, enjoying it very much. The upright tall oven heats up in a flash, and the cook top is sturdy, with excellent fine tuning of the gas. The wok burner is a great device, heats up large pots of water in a jiff. I have had to do a little adjustment in cookie sheets, but have found several high quality brands to choose, and three quarter sheets can cook a lot of cookies at once. What you sacrifice in size, you make up for in flexibility.The Legacy packs a lot of choices into a small package. It also packs a lot of quality. And style for our period 1880 kitchen.

I haven't tried a turkey yet, but will. My sense is that it will a breeze to do a 16-20 pounder, with room in the other oven to do all the accoutrements.I already own pans that will fit to roast. Who needs to cook a turkey bigger than that? They just dry out anyway.

I can lift off the burner grills and place directly in our 36 inch shaw's farmhouse sink for a quick /soak rinse, but if you have a small sink, this would prove challenging.

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Oceanwatchamy -- do you think you could possible measure the actual functional interior of your ovens please? Or point me to where the specs say what it is? In particular, I'm wondering how many and what size cookie sheets will fit into the oven/s -- same for pie pans. Inquiring family wants to know....

I really appreciate it!

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I have been using my Aga Legacy range for 2 years now and recommend this product. Wonderful for baking everything cooks perfectly. You do need to purchase smaller baking sheets, to me this is not a problem because I only need a couple. has plenty of Aga accessories.

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doggymom, thanks so much for posting this. I have planned a 36" AL for my upcoming remodel.

How do you bake? Online I don't see any option for what I'd call "normal" baking--heat from below only.

Also, do you find the top difficult to clean?

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My friend has a Legacy and loves it. Personally, I could get away with just the Aga ovens, but she has a large family, and uses a separate wall oven for large roasts. The Aga is her everyday oven, though.

I almost got the Aga but ended up with the wolf, because the main, large burner is in the middle of the oven, set a few inches further back than the other front burners. For those who have back/neck/shoulder problems, this means reaching a bit further to stir the pots. That's only a consideration for someone who really needs perfect ergonomics, though.

Good luck!

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doggymom thanks for posting the picture of your lovely range. I really want this for my new kitchen but my DH can't deal with the looks --Too old fashioned!
I do want a dual fuel, so had been considering the Pro+ but appliance salespeople tell me its a nightmare to clean.
What do you all think about the cleaning issues of the AGA's

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Is this the brick color? My local dealer has a floor model in this color, but the lighting way back in the bowels of the store is so horrible I am having a difficult time deciding what the color really is. How would you describe it? And, are you still happy with your color selection?

And, how is the cleaning?

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doggymom - as you are a well-seasoned Legacy user, how does it handle a decent sized turkey? I have seen some mixed reviews about this and it's the one thing that's keeping me up at night, worrying about my decision to buy the Legacy 44! I'd appreciate your comments on this - thanks!

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After doing a lot of research I decided to buy the AGA Legacy 36" range. I've been using it for five months and I absolutely love it! The sales person told me once you buy an Aga, you'll always have an AGA.

I found very few reviews on this oven, so here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pros: great quality (workmanship and materials used), the broiler is a unique feature that we use a lot, although the ovens seem small I can cook sixty cookies (big cookies too!) in the multi-function over in one go, meat comes out of the oven juicy and potatoes roast beautifully, the ovens heat up quickly (less than 2 minutes for the broiler). I've cooked large hams and chickens the size of medium turkeys and have had no issues.

NOTE: I noticed the ovens did not heat up quickly when we first started using the stove, but then they heated up quicker the more we used the stove. Perhaps they needed to get broken in?

Cons: the fan turns one whenever you use an oven. I thought if I used regular bake there would be no fan noise. At first it seemed quite loud and I was worried. I don't notice the noise anymore (I got used to it I guess). For me this is not a deal breaker. The pros far outweigh the fan noise.

Out of all the items we chose to put in our newly built house, this range is our favorite!

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