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chillen_on_a_floatFebruary 3, 2008

Hey guys, IÂm going to make a bar top that is memorabilia covered in self floating resin. 7 feet long maybe ½ inch thick. What kind of resin should I use? Epoxy? Polyurethane? Any pit falls or advice? Shrinkage?

I will try a smaller area first but a pat on the shoulder or kick in the rear would be appreciated.

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I hope this is possible, What I am thinking of is a beach sand base or maybe a thin layer of that ground fire glass you see in fire bowls for color. And a lot of items from our lives , photos, cards, some cloth items  you know the important stuff that you squirrel away, on top of the base. It will make brushing it on very tough. I was hoping to make a form and pour it in place.

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Chillen, I wish I could be of help to you, but I've never worked with any of the resins. I think they carry it at Lowe's, you might try talking with one of the associates there, or seeing if the manufacturer has a web site where you could check for more info. Good luck, and please come back and post a pic when you get it done. Luvs

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Chillen - you idea sounds wonderful and what beautiful memories. I have not worked with resin either but sounds like a doable idea. I have placed photos and special cards/event tickets, ect under glass on my dresser in the past - makes for nice memories when you see them. I think it would be a fantastic conversation piece - we must see pictures when you are done .......


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your idea sounds beautiful! love the fire rock idea, have only worked with small iteams useing resin, found a post that you might like to read could be of some help.

please keep us informed, sounds like a great project!

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