Seed Packs

PosieFebruary 18, 2006

I haven't posted here for awhile but someone wanted directions for Seed Packages. Go to She has a number of free ones you can print. Have fun!

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Thanks for the link. There is lot's of freebies. Now I just got to figure out how I can personalize them.

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Here's a blank template to work with.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here are a couple more places to check out. The second one has detailed how-to instructions. I thought I posted these last night, but I must have been so sleepy I pushed the wrong button.

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Here's my list of info I want whenever I print my own. I am a seed-saver and I like to see it all on the pack. Just cirle/underline or highlite your choices and fill in the blanks.
OP/Hybrid. Scoville rating____
Days to first pick______
Days to mature seeds_______
Start indoors/Sow where grown
Hardiness zone_______
Germination time___Temp____
Germination % this lot_______
Rec'd from:______Date______
Seedlings look like:

Soil pref____Sun____Water___

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I may be new but, :) I want to contribute. So, in an effort to see what everyone is and has been doing... LOL... I am going through all the craft Info one at a time. I just read the post regarding seed packets. I have been doing the seed packets for awhile. A site great to check out is Mardar's Stuff. Lots of great freebies.. Seed packets and all kinds of paper things. Let me know your thoughts.

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I found this other template for DIY packets:

And this one if for blank premade envelopes:

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