Recycle Scrap Paper-Beads, Pencils and A Desk Set

kudzukweenFebruary 6, 2010

Cover those pencils with the advertising logos and Holiday pictures on them. Cut a piece of paper 1" wide and as long as your pencil. Glue and wrap around pencil, spray with clear spray, or in my case...I used clear nail polish! lol

For the desk set, I bought an address book, a small calender, and a notepad, and a package of pencils. Then I used some tissue paper, and some embossed packing paper that came out of some dishes. It looks like leather with the tacky glue painted on it. I trimmed it with black middy braid. The pencil can is a cocoa can. I glued it all on with school glue, then went over it with tacky glue.

I'm very sad my string was too short! What to do..what to do!

Have fun!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Very clever, Kudzu!

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That's pretty cool. I could see some neat projects from this idea. The necklace is my favorite.

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omg what a cool looking deck set, who wouldnt love that, nice gift idea, love the beads! can you tie on another piece of string, should be able to hide the knot, would be aufull to have to start over,love the desine of the neckless!

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Enjoyed looking at your cute puppies!! The beads are beautiful, hope you didn't have to redo them. Desk set looks very nice,usually nothing matches up. My DS had the soup can with glued on yarn around it & tuna can with yarn also, think that was for pins & paperclips. Glad your team was the winner!! They needed that after all these years!!Jan

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