Another Old Bottle Project-Fairy Bottle

kudzukweenFebruary 27, 2009

Check these out, my granddaughter and I made them today using some die-cuts bought from Michael's, yard sale bottles, wire,beads,sequins, glitter, sparkly fillers, and heart charms. My sister bought the colored bottles for me at a yard sale. I'm going to try others with larger jars, and some old medicine bottles.

Go check them out...

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I loved them my photos are still up in the gallery of some of my fairie and shows a song book of Cicely Barker fairies, page 3 and 4

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Sooo cute! gonna try and make one someday soon I hope! have the perfect photo of my GD to use.

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thank you all. Minnie I checked them all out, I can't believe after these few years I still don't check the gallery side. They're beautiful, I have some like the ones on the shelf, I always put them in a pot of flowers. Some are missing arms, or part of their wings, but still adorable :D I don't know what it is about mermaids and fairies, but I love them! Oddie, I had the most fun making fairy jars with my grandkids pics. I used photoshop, but you could just print out some fairy wings you'll find online somewhere, or out of a magazine, or draw some and color them. Print out the photo of the child, use their body, or put their head on another body. Such fun! They'll be tickled,too. Add a crown or newspaper hat, or party hat.

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Lovely, your GD is quite a crafter already!! I love the butterfly you added.Jan

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I saw some real pretty butterflys at walmmart in the flower section I would like to use, would make it look 3d, one of my programs has a crown I can add to the photo, just need to get out of my slump amd make one.
Thanks for getting me started! will share when I do.

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