Photos on glass blocks

perk2February 7, 2006

I would like to put a photo on a glass block and am wondering if I can attach it as it is (after re-sizing it) or would you have to scan it? If you scan it would you use regular paper or photo paper and what would you seal the picture with. I would like to make one for my dad with a picture of all of us kids and grandkids. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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I always scan mine and print them onto sticker paper then laminate them and take the back sheet off this leaves the front shiny.. I have also just used sticky tabs on the back of pictures if I am just using them temperary I used these for Table decroations for DD wedding with their engagement pictures on them... Just took them off replaced them and sold all the bricks with Christmas designs for Christmas...

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I print my picture on regular paper then spray it with glossy clear spray about 4 times on each side to give it a transparent look. Then I use spray adhesive to attach. Works great and I have done tons of them!

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I print mine on the full sheet label paper, then spray it with several coats of Krylon Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze. Let dry, then just peel the back of the paper and stick to the block.

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Oops...missed answering your question. I always scan my pics (to save the original), resize then print.

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I would scan it into a photo program then edit it in there and print it on InkJet Clear (window) Decals. You could also try experimenting with the Temp Tatoo paper also. I know you can get these at an office supply store as well as some online computer craft paper stores. Then do what you normally would for coating it.

Never use an can't repace it.

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Thank you so very much for the help. It is much appreciated.

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