Help with Electrolux icon dual fuel range!!!

ostrichNovember 4, 2012

Hello everyone,

I am new to this forum, and I am hoping that you can give me some advice please.

I have a 14 month old Electrolux Icon free-standing range (model # E30DF7CGPS) and I use the gas stoves frequently, but I rarely used the oven at all. I have always thought that the convection fan was quite noisy but somehow I never thought much of it, esp. since the oven has been working quite well.

However, over the last month or so, I have noticed that the noisy convection fan has been causing a lot of smoke inside the oven. Last time I used the "convection roast" setting to roast some chicken legs in, the entire kitchen was filled with smoke!!! It was ridiculous. It also somehow sprayed the grease all over the oven, so I had to clean it out immediately. Today, I was going to try the oven again. I turned it on to "bake" and within minutes, the entire oven was filled with smoke again, even before I put the chicken inside. BTW, the inside of the oven was quite clean so there was no excessive grease at all and I could blame any grease for it. It was so bad that I had to abandon the attempt.

I am wondering what is going on here? Please advise! It's super annoying that it's just over the 1 year warranty period - I certainly did not expect anything like this from the Icon series! Please help.

Thanks in advance!

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I don't have the stove, but I'll bump this to help you get the conversation going.

Sounds to me as though the spatter from the chicken legs may have gone onto the ceiling of the range and possibly into the convection fan housing. Have you tried running a self-cleaning cycle? (I cannot recall if the Icon stoves are ones that are prone to failure on self-cleaning, so you might do some searches on that topic.)

Also, doesn't the Icon have a hidden bake element? Maybe some of the grease splatters went down in there. Can you lift the panel over the bake element and see if it might need some cleaning?

Hopefully, somebody who knows these stoves better will come along with more specific advice, particulary about what to do with the noisy fan.

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Thanks so much, JWVideo!

I really appreciate your input - I think that you are right that probably the chicken grease has gone into something that I cannot clean out easily. I just went to check out the oven - I cannot see any baking element - all I can see is the broiling element at the top, so it probably is hidden? However, it seems pretty sealed up everywhere so I cannot expose the baking elements though....

I must say that I am too scared to run the self-clean cycle at this point!!! I just don't want the whole thing to go up in flames, but I probably am just paranoid at this point!

Anyway, I very much appreciate your input and I look forward to the others' too. Thanks again!

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Ostrich? Bumping to ask about your range issue? I am considering the Icon DF range and wanted to hear the
"rest of the story"

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hi ppbenn!

I think that I finally got the issue resolved by running a self-cleaning cycle. I was really impressed by that! I had never used that feature before and was nervous about it. However, it worked like a charm. It really cleaned the stubborn grease off very well and now there is no longer any smoke coming out of the oven!

I must say that while I love the range, I do not love their customer service. Mind you, that is Electrolux Canada. I do not think that Canadian "customer services" are really known for good service so may be things are better in the States.

Good luck with your purchase!

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thanks for posting about the self-clean cycle. i am experiencing the EXACT same thing after cooking chicken legs in the oven. also, there is a BLAST of steam that comes out of the oven every time I open it while it is running. someone suggested that it needs to be calibrated as it might be running hot.

anyone have any other suggestions?

the service here in Canada is the pits, I agree!!!! we bought our stove from Total Appliances was delivered without a power cord, even though the CDN model is supposed to come with one hardwired in. the thing was built here and they still messed that up. took us over two months to get a cord installed by a 'certified' Electrolux tradesperson (who works for a subsidiary of Total Appliances). ugh. when we finally got some action was when we complained to Electrolux USA and got a great cs agent who phoned Total for us.

as far as the features go, the stove *barely* fits a commercial baking sheet, has many racks so you end up just removing the stationary ones and not using them at all and a couple of other things like a wok ring we likely won't use. the grills are cast iron, but they are not perfectly level. my husband used to work with metal and said that can happen if they are not careful when making the cast. if you go to see the stove, bring a pot and see if it wobbles slightly on the grill.

I am a bit spoiled because we had an OLD Jenn-Air that worked beautifully until the timer needed replacing and it was not really worth maintaining a 15 year old stove. that stove was my favourite ever!

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gardengal1973, I had that steam issue too! But it did not seem to affect the cooking/baking so I just left it alone.... I wonder if anyone else had that too?

I am so sorry to hear about your experience with the power cord! That was just crazy!!!!!!!! My range came with some dings and dents and so they agreed to change the part for me. It's just a minor thing to swap out, but guess what? With their scheduling issues, no-shows, etc. it took them like half a year to get that fixed!!! I was livid!!!

I just don't understand it. I moved up to Canada from the States and found that people are generally so much nicer here than in the US. Yet, the customer service of these companies are just TERRIBLE in Canada. Why???

I do agree that this range has so many racks that I just end up taking them out and not using them! LOL! Isn't that ironic?

Apart from these challenges, I do like my range....

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Ostrich and gardengal, I am considering this range but in all gas. How do you like the cooktop's performance? The level-grate issue is a concern. I definitely will use the wok grate. Never had a closed burner. How is cleaning the stove top? I love my wolf but it's not easy to keep the black metal burner pans looking good.

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Hi palomalou,

I must say that I have not had any issue with the grates - I use my wok quite a bit and it sits on the grates quite steadily without problems. In any case, it does come with a wok attachment.

Cleaning the glass top is not bad. I use that glass top cleaner and it seems to do a nice job. That's actually one of the reasons why I went with this one because I was nervous about cleaning a metal top surface without scratching.

I have no complaints about the cooktop for cooking. The only thing is, the ignition design is a bit annoying. For those two more powerful dual-flame sealed burners near the front, the ignition is not the easiest - if you don't know how to turn it on, sometimes it might take a couple of times before the flame would come on. I suspect it's the dual-flame design that makes it like that, since I have no problem with those smaller burners without the dual-flame design at the back?

I wonder if anyone else finds the ignition of these dual-flame burners a little annoying too?

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I am almost ready to make my purchase of the 30" Icon all gas range. The issues with the smoke bothers me...along with the loud convection fan. I was wondering how much of a pain it is to take off the side rails for the self cleaning feature, and how sturdy they are. I did read of a complaint that the racks bent while baking a turkey. It is a lot of money for us for a range...we have the E'lux FD/CD frig, and love it. We were looking at the Bertazoni, but it is not supported in our area with service. The NXR is out of the question because the width would not fit our 30" space. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

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Hi beansdreams,

I am getting used to the convection fan noise. It's like a noticeable hum, but I still wished that it were quieter. My much less expensive Kitchenaid before was so much quieter!!!

Anyway, I find it quite easy to take off the side rails for self cleaning. In fact, the design for the sliding racks is excellent. They slide so smoothly and easily, in and out! That is a great design.

I also find the racks to be quite sturdy too.

I find the whole thing to be quite well-built. It's just that it's got those few annoying issues.

The worst one is still the bad customer service at Electrolux Canada - I hope you are not Canadian and so you may get much better service support with Electrolux USA!!!

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Thanks ostrich for your views. I'm in the states, and will be purchasing from a local family owned company. Have you experienced the smoke issue since doing the self clean? If you had it to do over again, would you still purchase the icon?

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Thanks ostrich for your views. I'm in the states, and will be purchasing from a local family owned company. Have you experienced the smoke issue since doing the self clean? If you had it to do over again, would you still purchase the icon?

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Hi beansdreams,

I am pleased to say that since using the self-clean feature, I have not had any more smoke issues! I should have done that sooner, but I didn't realize that it was the cause. Moreover, I was scared to use that self-cleaning feature before! I guess I just read too many negative things about that before...

Would I buy it again? I think that it would still be on my list of ranges to consider, but I will need to do more research and comparison with other ranges again to decide.

Good luck with your decision!

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Dear ostrich,

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Has anyone had any problems with the blue enamel flaking or pitting on the Icon?

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