How to keep a glass top table looking good

mercedes_123February 14, 2008

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do to my round glass top? Every time I clean it, you can see all kinds of streaks. I would like to maybe etch it to disguise all the streaking. What else could I do to it?


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Have you tried a glass cleaner that is just a glass cleaner and not a glass and surface cleaner? IMO the glass and surface cleaner always makes things smudgey.

Another great cleaner is plain white vinegar and newpaper. You can spray the vinegar on or make a paper towel wet with it and then wipe it on the glass. Dry the glass with the wadded up newspaper.

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On the cleaning forum, they swear by using a wet microfiber cloth and then drying with a dry one. I haven't tried it yet, but they say it really makes the glass sparkle. Luvs

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I had one to keep my wood looking good. I hate covering a gorgeous DR table with a tablecloth I want to see the wood, not cotton. lol.
Find a local car window replacement co. and buy their brand. Generally they are very good!
OR use vinegar (white) and newspaper(ink & all). No streaks! Try it :)

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heres a post of a crafter that painted there table, maybe you can ask the poster more info on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: painted table

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here a small table top I did on wood but could be done on glass I am sure, its a paper bag from a gift shope, I cut into sq and glued on, you could use scrapbooking papers, you didnt say how big your table is or if it gets alot of use, another idea, hubby cut me a round table top from mdf board I covered it with texture paint, painted it a lt green and stamped leaves on it in dr green shades.
I doult that etching would disquise the streaks cause its kinda see throu I would say.

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I use sprayway glass cleaner. No streaks. You can get it at Sam's Club and Costco. Some local stores in our area carry. Also try Ace Hardware. It's better than any other cleaner I've ever used.
I posted a link so you can see a picture of the can.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Clear ammonia and wipe off with newspaper. Easy and cheap.

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or mix half and half...vinegar and rubbing alcohol.
Paper towels to dry!! Voila no streaks!

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