How hard to push builder on two issues after move in

KomehtNovember 22, 2012

We moved in on a tight schedule that left builder with a lengthy punch list. We were OK with this and for the most part builder has taken care of everything on the punch list items. We are a few months into our 1 year warranty.

This is a fairly high end home/quasi custom home with superior finishes. The builder has been super easy to work with, truly a good guy and very attentive to all ur my eye the workmanship was top notch.

But There are two nagging issues that have to been resolved. The exterior had to be repaired due to a splotchy stucco patch that could not be matched. Problem is, they only repainred part of the building giving it a two tone appearance. The effect is subtle and you can't see it in direct sunlight, but I see it in the shade and drives me a bit crazy.

Second issue, we have stained concrete floor on bottom level which are fairly beautiful. The problem is the concrete seems to pick up stains very easy and I'm not hundred percent certain it was sealed correctly.

The builder has been responsive to date to everything but the above two issues. I don't know whether he's ignoring me and going I'll forget them, or is trying to schedule the repairs or maybe he just thinks I'm bonkers and there's nothing wrong. Honestly, if he just came UT and walked the property with me and told me he disagreed, I'd probably just drop it. But not hearing anything is a bit maddening.

I don't want to use up whatever complaint capital I have left (if any, but I don't think I've been bad).

The home is unique also and the guilder has asked for us to open it up on a number of occaisions to potential new clients and others...we've alway complied with his requests. Up until now our relationship has been great and we really love our home...just want it to be perfect. Am I expecting too much?

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Sophie Wheeler

"just want it to be perfect. Am I expecting too much?"

Yes. You are expecting too much.

The issues that you describe are the consequence of the material choices that you made. Stucco repair is NEVER "perfect". Your description of yours is about as good as it gets. Concrete stains and etches. You, the occupant, have to keep it maintained with an applied wax coating periodically. Call a flooring professional if you don't want to do the maintenance yourself.

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Is it possible he is having trouble with these 2 subs? Both are somewhat specialty sub jobs--stucco and concrete (staining). Who actually did the work?

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"Perfection" just is not possible in everything in this might have to be content with what you have been given...the stucco work was probably in the direct daylight and I would think that waxing the cement is up to the homeowner to maintain.

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Kirk..yes it's possible he's having problems with those particular subs. Every other sub has been top knotch. Both have been a little problematic.

Phoggie, I believe the stucco work was done midday and they didn't see the distinctly different tones. It's pretty obvious in the shade, I can't believe they intended to leave it the way they did.

To be clear on the concrete floor, the issue existed from day 1 so I don't think of this as a maintenance issue. But then again, I'm new to concrete floors and ultimately I'm less concerned about that than making sure the stucco matches.

Holly. You're absolutely wrong. For one, the builder chose the stucco, we bought a home in progress and made changes to the interior only. For another, it simply isn't correct to have stucco be two different tones in a distinct line half way up the house...that's ridiculous.

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