Milkweed Pod Poinsettia ornies pix?

LibbyLizFebruary 1, 2010

I've searched "images" on the web & get loads of milkweed pods in bloom.

Even the sites that give directions on how to make them don't have a pic up to show what it looks like completed.

All I want is to see one to determine if it's worth trying to find these pods in the fall. SIGH

Thanks in advance if ANYONE has pix of Milkweed Pod Poinsettia ornies they're willing to share with me!

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Sounds interesting!! I checked a bunch of sites & most are by same Le---Ralph woman, no pic with any of them. You would think I would remember her name but I don't. Sure would be nice to see a pic!! Jan

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I tried also, the closest I come to what they could look like crafted was at marthas site, I just get half a photo might load better for you, take a look rather pretty I can see these made up as a poinsettia.

Here is a link that might be useful: flower milkweed photo

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Oh yeah, I saw that too & didn't know if that one is a "poinsettia". I had to laugh because it was half a pic. :-P

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Its very strange, you'd think milkweed pod poinsettias were copyrighted or something! I went on blogger search adn searched blogs but none.
Here are a couple of links to blog posts about making ornaments with natural materials. I might jst have to grow teasel after seeing these critters:

This one below has tons of natural including some bay leafpoinsettias.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural ornaments

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I loved the butterflies on the "natural ornaments" blog above. Only thing she didn't tell you how to make. Looks like some kind of leaves, beautiful. Tree turned out lovely. I've made the "sticker ball" candle ring/with nuts in shell. I used it for years. DH made a circle of plywood & I stained it fruitwood & glued on all the nuts & sticker balls. Mom had a tree so lots of sticker balls free. Had a fat candle(4 in. I think & 8-12in high in center.) Very nice & made some for gifts. I used old nuts in shell & put them in oven like you do for pinecones then when cool I sprayed them with clear Krylon otherwise you might get bugs!! The Brazil nuts are lovely color when done this way. Good way to use up nuts that sit around after xmas & never get eaten! Just saw in "Birds & Bloom" about several kinds of milkweed in Feb,Mar. issue. Our kind in Midwest was very blah, glad to see there are some pretty kinds that birds like! Jan

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so cute natural crafts, looks like the butterflies are made from bayleafs also,shouldnt be to hard to make, or something close to it.
yes that was a flower in the photo, just count how many flower petals you need, glue together and decorate, I am sure ideas will come as you play around with them, shouldnt be to hard to find milkweed, if you can just give it a try not much cost, come back and share a photo if you make one or find a photo.
you can use dried and pressed magnolia leafs for lots of crafts, maybe use for the leafs on the poinsettia, cut and paint, heres a santa I painted on one, still in good shape.

Here is a link that might be useful: magnolia leaf santa

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Oh my, that teasel reindeer is adorable! And the lavender-filled egg ornie makes me want to take the cap off & inhale its lovely aroma.

The magnolia leaf Santa is nice!

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