Monogram oven and Advantium or Electrolux oven and speed oven

athensmomof3November 14, 2011

I have been wavering back and forth trying to decide whether to get the GE Monogram oven and Advantium or the Electrolux Icon Professional and Electrolux Speed oven.

I am hearing better reviews of the Electrolux oven and have some concerns about the Electrolux speed oven based on online reviews. It seems much more user friendly than the Advantium, though, with all the different dial requirements.

Which would you get and why? They are going to be in a stack so I don't want to mix appliances . . .

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You have my curiosity up about the reviews on the Elux Icon Speed oven. I've had mine for more than 5 years now and except for a screw that came loose for the handle , it has been trouble free, and is still our most used appliance.
We do a lot of "Nuking" with it (micro waving), but we Speed cook with it, I do toasts (ocasionally) as well as regular bake. It does not broil like the miele speed oven,
(no biggie to us).

We also have had the Elux 30" Icon oven for the same time,
>5 years and it too has been trouble free, alto to be honest, we rarely self clean it, I really dont want to waste that much electricity and ALL those KA reports about failure after self cleaning , plus occasional accounts with other ovens after self cleaning (note the recent wolf post), kinda convinced us to use this judiciously, (if at all).

The oven fan is extremely quiet, there have been other post here that say the same thing. When you are Speed Cooking with the Speed oven, the fan is a lil on the loud side but only during the actual time of the speed cooking, once you're done cooking a cooling fan remains on, for a few minutes (about 5) but it (to us) is pretty quiet.

If you watch the great potato race, you can see and hear exactly how this oven works, Not real noisy but not silent, so I mention it, cause I see post where some are bothered by any lil noise at all---and it does make a "lil Noise"

Good luck with your decisions, we've certainly been happy with ours!


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I have an Advantium, and while it isn't completely intuitive, it's really easy to learn the controls. The Advantium is great, but from what Gary and others have said about the Electrolux speed oven, it sounds like it's at least as good. I notice that Gary says "toast" above. If that means toasted bread, the Advantium is known to make dreadful toast. I agree.

OTOH, the Electrolux oven gets noticeably better reviews than the Monogram.

I'm an oven snob. I'd go for the better oven.

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That is kind of what I am thinking plllog . . . my cabinet maker is going to kill me :). Nothing finalized yet but I have changed it once already!

The concerns I have read about the Electrolux speed oven are the professional model, which is the one I am interested in, but that is probably just luck of the draw as it seems to have the same innards as the designer model. Something about a hinge in the door? The Advantium reviews I have read are not problem free either . . . and I do think I would be happier with the Electrolux oven.

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Several real "Bakers" here, really like the Elux ovens, CJ--
for one, I think she might give Rhome a "Race for her money" in a baking contest between Rhome's Wolf and her Elux.

No hinge problems with my speed oven in 5 years, just a loose screw on one side of the handle, I could have fixed it, but wife said I have nuff to do, (Ya know, chatting here, for example), so it cost me $134 to have the guy remove the inside of the door cover, add lock washers to both screws and reassemble it.

That's my total appliance repair expenses in 5 years, cept for a very expensive and fancieeee smoothtop cooktop (Caldera) that died in about a year and company went
"Belly Up" but thanks to the good folks here, we learned about induction, bought it, installed it, and Luv it!!!


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ok I have changed it with the cabinetmaker for the last time :) The GE Monogram oven concerned me so I think this is the right decision. . . . good news is it is made and FINAL :)

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I had the exact choice to make. In the end I chose the Electrolux Icon Professional Oven and matching Speed Oven. The Electrolux Designer series are the same units as the Professional series, just dressed differently.

Once I tried the oven racks in the Electrolux ovens and compared them to the feel of the GE products, I had to have the Electrolux! There is nothing out there that compares to Elux glides, they really are special.

The Advantium does has a larger interior, which was very tempting. I thought about the Elux oven paired with the Advantium but I really dislike the knob on the Advantium and settled for the matched pair of Elux.

You'll likely be happy either way you go! the way, if you are choosing these based on photos from the internet you should be aware that there are several dealers posting pictures of the Electrolux Speed oven Pro style which are faked. This is only happening with the Pro series, not the Designers.

This is what I'm talking about:

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Interesting - we are agonizing over a similar choice, except we narrowed it down to:

Icon double oven (no speed oven)

Icon single oven + GE Monogram Pro Advantium

We just couldn't work up enough enthusiasm for the Icon speed oven, due to a user interface we didn't much care for plus those big vents top and bottom.

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Does it really look that bad to have the advantium paired with the Elux? I have the advantium and a bosch oven near each other and its not noteworthy. I would go with 2 seperate units over a double oven just because of issues reported with the double ovens (any brand).

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Oh the grates! I don't like those either but I don't like the knob on the Advantium either and the interface I am not a fan of - I think I will prefer the electrolux.

This is in a not so visible area of the kitchen so I guess they will be fine. . . they are opposite the island and the rest of the l shaped countertop sort of in a niche . . .

Decisions, decisions!!!!

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Be sure to check out the other thread on Speed ovens, athensmomof3, It can be a bit confusing for "Some Folks" to figger out a tater is not "Meat, Poultry, Fish, Pie or a dessert, so the Elux may be a bit complicated for some.

I am a retired engineer, alto not a "Food Scientist" so I'm not sure my background was relevant as far as choosing the right food group using the Elux Speed oven---something to
think about , anyway, to me, It's intuitive, but I've had it for 5 years, microwaving is extremely simple, enter the time and push start (which even lights up green for you)!


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Re the knob on the Advantium, it's low tech, but it's highly functional! After the MW function is on, for instance, you can adjust the number of seconds up or down one at a time, or give it a big roll and send it up or down minutes. If you're paging through menus, you just turn the wheel instead of tap tap tap tapping on a touch screen, and press it to select. I like knobs. :) I'm not trying to dissuade you, and I think you've made a good decision. Just defending the knob. :)

Sophie, the Monogram Advantium will look fine with the Elux. The Profile Advantium wouldn't be awful, but the rounded window is pretty distinctive. There may be a color difference between them, so check that that works okay for you. Some people are really bugged by that, some just see stainless. Or you could pair a black Advantium with a stainless Elux oven or something like that and pretend it's a Look for Less TurboChef. It's not anything that someone walking into your kitchen is likely to pounce upon. More what you want to look at day to day.

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Well, we'll all have to check back and compare notes on the Electrolux units. Haven't been back here in a bit, but we've put our deposit on the Speed Oven / Wall Oven combination (Designer handle). Should be installed somewhere around the first of the year.

I don't like the big grilles, either, but I want the (stacked) units to match, and the Speed Oven seems so useful.

We'll see...

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Thanks so much for this timely thread. I was leaning towards the GE Monogram oven/micro combo, but am now definitely going to check out the Electrolux Icon. We don't need the Speed Oven, but I assume the standard micro rates as well.

Now, would anyone like to weigh in on granite vs. quartz for countertops??? Hopefully, I can find a discussion this useful... and timely!

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Kay161, check the Kitchens forum for as much on granite and quartz as you can stand!

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I'm getting a GE Profile Advantium and GE Profile oven stack. - This stack will be next to an Electrolux French door refrigerator.

Is the Profile Advantium and lot different from the Monogram Advantium?

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The guts are the same. The appearance is different. I'm not sure about the specs. Check on the exact sizing of your model, since they make a lot of variations. The function exactly the same.

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Yes, functionally the differences between Profile and Monogram Advantiums are not an issue, unlike the differences between 240V vs 120V, or OTR vs wall, or 30" vs 27" which are variations offered by both Profile and Monogram.

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Ok, thats good to hear - now DH can decide if he wants to splurge on the monogram or not.

Also Monogram oven seems to have complaints - meaning not worth the trouble when you pay the $$$ for it. So GE profile oven is good enough (I can't find reviews on it PT916SR) - anybody else found any or own the oven? want to chime in?

Well, I want the Advantium240 and so to match the stack of ovens the only options I have from GE are the Monogram or the Profile single wall ovens.

I think GE profile should suffice, since I don't use ovens that much - I was actually going with one oven and microwave stack, but just for resale I want two ovens (I know, I know I shouldn't be getting the Advantium for microwave purposes!!) - I promise to speed cook more :)


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LOL! Yes, you do want to use the Advantium for more than microwaving, but it is an excellent microwave. :)

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Don't like the knob? That's funny. I love the knob. It almost always does what I expect it to. I hit the quick microwave button: 30 seconds on the time and it turns on. I can flick the knob to add or subtract time on the clock any time before it finishes. (Peek inside. "5" "4" Hmm, not bubbling yet. Spin knob. "3" "4,5,6,7,8,9,10" "9" "8") So handy!

I'm making grilled cheese sandwiches (which the Advantium does perfectly), Press "speedcook." spin dial to "sandwiches" and push dial to select. Spin to "cheese" and press. Spin to "1-2 sandwiches" and press. Press one last time to start. Easy, obvious, and soooo much better that poking at those gawdawful membrane buttons that most machines use.

Set the timer? Press the 'timer" button. Spin knob to number of minutes, and press. Spin knob for seconds. Press. I can flick the edge of the knob and zing! I've got 40+ seconds dialed in, in a flash. Holding down an "up" button and waiting for the seconds to count up is awful by comparison.

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I think I really meant that aesthetically I don't like the knob - although I don't mind them on the monogram ovens. Weird I know. It is a confusing decision but some of the issues with the Monogram ovens on this board and the lack of response by Monogram in most cases concerned me. Of course, Electrolux may have the same issue. I was at the point where I had to decide, so I did. Hope it was the right one - cabinets are in production so no going back!!!

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Athensmomof3 - have you got the Speed Oven in yet? Ours is in the garage, awaiting the cabinet installation, probably early March. I hope it's working out well!!

Any suggestions?

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To enter time on the Elux you do NOT hold
"up/down buttons".

If you want 20 seconds you press a 2 and a 0, for 30 seconds---I bet you get the idea now???

You get the exact seconds you want, instead of what "might come up" on the "GE Wheel of Fortune", LOL.


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How much did you pay for your Elux combo? Did you consider the Miele?

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Lost track of this - got 30" Icon oven and Speed oven for a bit under $4k, working with our contractor. Not inexpensive - hope they work well (and for a long while!)

We did indeed consider the Miele - but I didn't like that the speed oven was smaller, and I just couldn't bring myself to spring for the higher cost.

Finally got the ovens installed yesterday - and the speed oven makes a mean TV dinner! We'll find out about other stuff later...

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How is everyone doing with their new Electrolux speed ovens? Are you happy with your choice? Just discovered this as a possibility for our kitchen and am excited about it.

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