Non-Stop Cooking (warning! pics heavy!!!)

dcarch7January 4, 2014

The Holidays had been cooking crazy everyday. Many meals for many days for many visiting friends and families.

While it was hectic to get all the dishes done and served, it was very manageable with some proper planning and having the sous vide cooking equipment. For instance, almost all the meats were cooked and readied many days in advance. I even got to sit and mingle with everyone and not stuck in the kitchen much.

The only thing was not having the time to take some decent pictures.

Here they are, I only was able to photograph less than half of what I actually made.


Rotisserie chicken

Beef short ribs

Prime rib with mashed chestnuts

Roasted whole leg of lamb

Roasted prime ribs

Ox tail with couscous

Stewed ox tail

Cod filet with black garlic Meyer lemon sauce

Roasted pork ribs

Curry shrimps

Black eyed peas, ham pate in bacon ring, on puffed pastry

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I feel I should point out those are not bacon "rings", they're square :-)
Just joshing you :-D Everything looks gorgeous and I wish I'd been there...

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What is the cover charge for one of your Food Extravaganzas? I would love to hear what your guest (lucky devils) think about these works of food art or have they been indulged so much as to be unexcited and satiated?

Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year, dcarch! Wow, you are starting out with a real bang. Your family and friends are so lucky to have you cooking for them. The food is drop-dead gorgeous, as always.

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I really like the oxtail in couscous. Looks beautiful and sounds like a good combination. That is a crazy amount of cooking! Congratulations for surviving it!

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Thank you everyone. Good thing there were many items on sale the weeks before the meals, otherwise I would be in serious $ trouble.

Prime ribs $4.99 a lb.
Chickens $0.97 a lb.
Short ribs $4.00 a lb.
Leg of lamb $2.99 a lb.
Pork rib roast $2.00 a lb.

Ox tail was expensive, $5.99 a lb

John, a few other dishes I did not post, ducks ($1.99 a lb) 3 ways. Stuffed chicken, etc.


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O , let's see. I will have the prime rib, and then the oxtail, and then curry shrimps. Oh no I am getting a bit full. SCREAM. It is all freakin fabo! Thank you, again our dcarch for a buffet of wonderful awesomes. Yummmmm!

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The couscous photo reminded me of the ptitim of my childhood, so I checked and wiki told me that ptitim (AKA Ben Gurion rice) goes by the name "Israeli couscous". I had no idea.

Amazing how an austerity period food has turned into a gourme item.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ben Gurion's Rice

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Wow! The short ribs, prime rib and pork ribs are my fave pics. How many people did you have over at a time?
I hope they're appreciative of your cooking skill.
Hmmmm have you got room for one more next year? :D

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I knew you had a lot of people over the holidays. Did you have trouble holding them at bay while you plated and photographed the food? :-)

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strawchicago 5a IL

Cod with black garlic Meyer lemon sauce looks yummy ... I love seafood. Thank you dcarch, for a great show, great ideas !! Beef oxtail is expensive, but it's great in the Vietnamese pho soup (with white noodle).

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Thanks again everyone.

You will notice that my pictures are gone. The reason is that when someone views this thread, it occupies digital band width traffic from/to Photobucket, the WEB site where these pictures are stored. If there is a lot of viewing then the bandwidth traffic can exceed 10 GB, the allowance is used up for the month.

This is temporary. The pictures will show up again when the next month's allowance starts.


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