Help! Decoupage glue is tacky when dry

zeylanFebruary 2, 2009

I'm trying to make a decoupage project for my wife. It's a book of painted pages that I've glued cutouts of poems and other such nonsense. The problem I have is that the decoupage glue I've used is really tacky even when dry, so all the pages are sticking together. I've tried Martha Stewart glue as well as USArtQuest Perfect Paper Adhesive. I was thinking of trying Mod Podge next.

I need something to coat these pages with to keep it from being tacky. Suggestions? Please be specific. Someone told me "acrylic medium" but that is vague and I wouldn't know where to begin. A link to a specific product would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance!

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What a nice gift. Valentines day?
Most people who do decoupage profesionally (or who have tried to like me,lol) coat with urethane not glue for exactly this reason. On the other hand I keep a bottle of Mod Podge or Aileens on hand for projects like sticking calendar pics to cardboard recycling boxes and I haven't had that problem with either of them. So called decoupage glue is a combination of white glue (like elmers regular) urethane and water.
First: Let it dry some more! I'm wondering if you've got too much on in which case you may need a lot more drying time. Have you used so much that you could wipe it with a slightly damp face cloth without damaging the imagery, then let dry? If not don't and either way once its had more drying time such as another day in warm dry place with the pages separated so air can circulate, I would try Krylon Krystal Clear spray on one part of one page (mask the rest and spray a corner) and see if that helps. 2 light coats let dry between. I emphasize that you need to let the glue dry all that it can first. Krylon Crystal clear is my fave spray urethane, and the one I use to spray images before gluing so the ink doesn't run. I have also used it on quickie projects to protect the image, and it doesn't seem to react with the glue, tho I haven't put it on a totally glue covered image.
good luck

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Hi, I thought about this some more and even if you did use too much I think its better not to try to wipe it once it gets to the tacky phase.

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Have you tried lightly dusting the pages with cornstarch? This has worked for me in the past.

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I have no help to offer but this has happened to me before. I've used a good grade of Mod-podge or some sort of stuff like it and even when it is dry if you stack your pieces on top of each other they will stick together. Lost a few projects that way. Good Luck finding a solution.

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We make a lot of decoupaged items for craft shows.......

Decoupage glues usually stay tacky, in our experience

We seal our decoupage projects
I use Delta Ceramcoat Interior Varnish
It is a water base, brush on varnish
sold at Michaels and Joanne fabrics and other craft stores.
It comes in matte or gloss.
Hope this helps you

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I see that this is an old thread, but with very useful info, which I found through searching. I, too, have had decoupaged paper projects stick together!

I am working on something now (a book with pages) and will see if it helps to coat the pages with a spray acrylic like Minwax polycrylic. BUT... just had this idea, too:

Brass fasteners in the corners.

I often use paper punches... so I'll (next time) punch holes in each corner of my page and when the page is all done and dry, I'll add some brass fasteners or something like that. Maybe old buttons would be cuter...

Of course, this makes a much heavier book, but it's better than having your pages stick together, 'in my book!'

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