Not lurking anymore

grannyicuFebruary 19, 2009

Hi, I am jan. I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I used to be on her all the time back in 1998-2001. And then when you had to pay I left. Any way I would like to share some of my stuff. I do know Linners if she is still here and also Carmen. Any one else here that was back then. I would love to know if I know who you are. Thanks Jan

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Welcome back Jan!! Guess what, I'm Jan also!! I lurked for a long time & then came on last spring. It's been a lot of fun. I like about 4 forums GJ is what got me started. Trash to treasure is fun but doesn't move along too much. Love stained glass & have a small stash that they couldn't believe I got at yd sale. Folks moving to NY had to get rid of stuff. So I'll be trying that when warms up some. I did indoor crafts before I came on here. You must get aquainted with Kudzu. She does the neatest things, fairy bottle, purses out of old record covers, maps become beautiful wall hangings. Cone coffee filters-beautiful roses looking so real you won't believe. We just got the filters & will get started soon. Look for her post "Coffee filter roses" & go to her blog called "Bits & Pieces" she is so much fun & does all kinds of crafts. Won't see too much right now as she took a fall & is nursing a sore backside/hips! Huggybear I'm sure you have seen has made some cute blankets for babies. You may have seen all this but I didn't want you to miss out.!! I don't think I've seen Linners or Carmen but some are gone for a while & then come back!! Jan

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I've been here since 1999....but I don't always post...

Sometimes it has gotten really slow...then it will pick up for awhile...

Still doing better than it has at some times...

Welcome back...


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Hi Jan!
I be lurking myself mostly due to being such a lazy crafter these days. Glad you signed up. Amber from the VOY is also on here posting and she has a cute blog too. That is pretty much what I am good for these days, reading other crafters blogs and saying I am going to do this or that and then don't :O)


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Patti, hi and Carmen helllooooooooooo. Yes I know my craft room is a mess right now. Soon as I get this brace off I will be back cleaning the room.
I wished I had time to do a blog. I am trying to get me a web site started to sell my things. Glad to be here again. jan

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Hi Jan, and I also would like to say welcome back.. it sure is fun here and I am looking forward to your sharing with us..

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